Audio Combo - Upper & Lower Body Therapy Ball CD & Reference Guides

Price: $24.95
The Upper Body CD Series targets trigger points that unlock tension in your Upperback, Neck, Shoulders & Rotator Cuff muscles. This easy to follow self massage therapy ball program opens up the shoulders, wrings out the neck, loosens tight jaw muscles and restores balance to the upper spine. Includes special upper neck and jaw bonus tracks. The Lower Body CD Series creates freedom of movement in the hips and lower back by targeting the quadratus lumborum and erector muscles as well as 3 prime muscles known for causing imbalances in the hips and buttocks. Includes special calves & feet bonus tracks! Target areas include: Lower Back, Hips, Buttocks, Calves & Feet. Save $5 when you purchase this combo of self massage therapy CDs & guides!