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Yoga For Beginners

You’re a Beginner to Yoga
You’ve Come to the Right Place

Yoga Tune Up® is ideal for beginners. We’ll ease you into a unique beginners movement practice that’s designed specifically for someone just getting started, and we’ll make sure you’re constantly learning and growing along the way.

Safety and correct postural instruction is the cornerstone to a Yoga Tune Up® practice, so you can be confident you're in good hands. Try a FREE Quickfix Video or LEARN MORE about our Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program which you can manage with your own Private Dashboard:

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Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program
Get a CUSTOMIZED Yoga Tune Up® program delivered to your doorstep each month on DVD. Includes a full online Program Management System providing you with full control of the program.

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Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix Videos
These 'quickfix' video programs focus on trouble areas such as the neck, back, shoulders, hips, feet and hands to STRETCH, STRENGTHEN and HEAL, addressing issues at the root of the problem.

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