In last week’s Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training in Los Angeles, I introduced the trainees to the importance of dynamic stretching. This style of stretching involves engaging the body in continuous perpetual movement and is extremely beneficial as a warm-up for any pre-athletic endeavor. In YTU, we specialize in creating nuanced, specific and innovative dynamic stretches and we get incredible results with our students. In YTU-lingo, we call these types of repetitive flowy moves, “Minivinis.” Everyone has a favorite, mine is the Half-Happy Baby Minivini for the lower back and buttocks, others love the Pranic Bath to lubricate the shoulders, and the overall winner last week was PRASARITA LUNGES! This speed-skating Minivini has numerous benefits which include a deep hip warmup, awakening of the inner and outer thigh muscles, quadriceps, and strengthening the ever-important pelvic floor muscles. ENJOY!

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