The owner of Camarillo Yoga took a workshop of mine in Pasadena about a year ago and started using the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls in her classes. Soon thereafter, she was buying hundreds of balls as all of the students who rolled out their knots and kinks in classes wanted to bring a pair home (for that “on call” self massage we all need!). One of those students is Andrew Barton, a professional airline pilot (who also happens to teach Yoga). Andrew shares with us how he rolls with the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls…..

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In this video he shows his creative self-massage techniques with the balls during his flights. Ever the captain, he also shows his specific quick fixes to relieve pain while flying that he designed for the flight attendants using the YTU Therapy Balls. Andrew displays how you can roll out shoulder pain, hip pain, foot pain and even a stiff lower back. The Yoga Tune Up® Balls are designed with a special grippy rubber that grabs onto layers of skin, connective tissue and muscle to provide a deep penetrating massage that kneads you right to the bone providing targeted trigger point therapy. On long flights, our bodies become profoundly dehydrated and stiff due to the circulating air, and sitting still in cramped uncomfortable seats. The Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls introduce movement and circulation back into those stiff tired muscles, so that the body is refreshed, rehydrated, and nudged back into vibrancy.

In fact, when I told my student, Dominic, who is a flight attendant, that I was writing this blog about a Pilot and the Therapy Balls, he told me to add this, “My whole body aches due to jet lag and servicing our customers at 38,000 ft.  I find IMMEDIATE relief by using my YTU Balls in the galley and at my hotel layovers. I have no idea how I survived the friendly skies with out them.”

I travel nearly 170 days a year, and am proud to say that my body feels fantastic when I travel. YTU keeps me limber, strong and deeply relaxed, but the balls play a significant role in trouble-shooting areas that are culprits of stiffness and tension with my long bouts of travel! I am so grateful to Andrew for showing me even more ways to use my trigger point therapy balls when in cramped spaces on the airplane! Wait till you see what can be done in the cockpit!

Let us know how you use your Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls when you travel!

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