When the body is confronted with unforeseeable trauma, such as the car accident I was in, it may be forced to stretch or twist in ways that aren’t a part of typical daily movement.  But with a regular yoga practice the range of motion in joints and muscles throughout the body is increased.  So if your head were to rapidly snap forward, bending the neck into deep flexion, the muscles need not tear to accommodate this motion.  In order to increase strength and flexibility in your own precious neck I recommend the Yoga Tune Up® When No Means Yes video posted below and on the 10 Minute Quick Fix video.  These are the types of stretches I perform on a daily basis.  Not only do they feel great, they will help prepare your neck to safely bend, twist and turn in all sorts of situations.

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Jackie Wolff

Great follow up to explain the logistics of your story. I totally get it…when we engage our muscles and tissue to increase range of motion, we have more lax to work with when a jerking motion occurs. I can feel this so much in my low back. And I hadn’t seen the neck exercize you shared before in my training. I love it…though the name made me wince a bit…maybe we can rename it in our ‘Me Too’ world b/c no never means yes.


This short but sweet article reminds me of yet another way a regular practice carries into our daily lives – to lessen the shock of unforeseen accidents that take our bodies into different ranges of motion. It could be anything – like someone pushing a door open abruptly and it swings into your right shoulder. If you’ve regularly strengthened and activated your deltoids, teres major and minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and other muscles of the rotator cuff, you can better take the blow or “go with the flow (or blow)”

Li Si Yang

A good examples of regular practice can help you prepare for the unknown like our balance. You never know when or where you’re going to fall, so it’s very important that you practice your balance during training so that in case you do fall your body is calm and you fall slow and soft instead of fast and hard.

Claudia Blasimann

CrossFitters also prepare for the unknown, but some of them think doing so just requires more strength and speed – or if they do care about their flexibility and mobility, they mostly focus on shoulders and hips. Although, also the neck muscles can get stiff and painful, either because of the habits of daily life or also because of the training (i.e. Wallball Shots). I just tried this exercise myself – it felt great – and will introduce it to my class at the box!

Christine Colonna

Great point! So many injuries could be prevented or minimized from accidents if the body was flexible, strong, and fast enough to react to keep the body safe during an accident

Frances Rothenberg

Like many people, I move through most of my days with a cranky neck and I often stretch my neck but forget to strengthen it. Thank you for the reminder to do both.


As a desk job worker bee, my neck is constantly in a tense state – even in a yoga class. As I found out this past week in training, I have a difficult time propriocepting my cervical spine in relation to my body. My stretching the tissues and muscles of my neck I was able to “feel” a more balanced state of effort and ease.

Matt Nadler

Fascinating and innovative stretches for the neck. We can be in the best of health and physical conditin when something out of the blue can occur. It’s not as if we should walk around worrying about what awful thing might happen to us. But guess what – – sometimes accidents do happen.


This is a great stretch for the beginning or end of a day. I felt it really helps my alignment. Good advice to breathe into the muscles of my neck! I feel like they are getting an oxygen bath. The neck holds so much weight all day long its nice to give them a little strengthening love.

Dawn Adams

This is a great reminder to take care of our neck muscles — not just stretching, but also strengthening these tissues. Our necks literally serve as an information superhighway for the rest of the body, bringing fresh oxygen, food and water, nerve impulses, and more. I’ve noticed that when my neck is sore, the rest of my body suffers as well.


Thank you Jill, what a nice set of neck stretches to be able to take a break from the computer anytime to help stretch out and relieve tension in a common trouble spot for many of us!

Danielle Walsh

I just followed this video and my neck was softly awakened and feels great!. This technique is very valuable for people that are looking for a safe gentle way to stretch their neck out and feel comfortable afterwards.

Eva Berswick

This is absolutely new to me and made me very nervous as it is about the neck. I guess the pressure is initiated by the head and the hand just counters it, so it’s safe. I need to spend some time on this technique. Looks very promising, as I do have some neck concerns. Thanks.

Alissa Aboud

I just followed along to this video and my neck felt unbelieveable great afterwards. It felt like I was ringing out a wet clothe and now my neck feels lighter and more comfortable to keep an upright posture. Thanks for this helpful video!!! 🙂

Lynn T

I am very familiar with accidents and head, neck and jaw trauma. At the young age of 8 my first head trauma was taking a high powered hockey puck to my mouth from a Midget (16-18 year old) Male Level slapshot gone wild during a game at our local rink. I have had several trips to many dentists over the years to correct the dammage done to my mouth and now have a top level mouth full of dental work that often gets in the way of a perfect bite. From time to time my neck and jaw gets locked… Read more »

melanie sloane

You wrote “…I recommend the Yoga Tune Up® Neck Isometric Strengthener video posted below AND on the 10 min Quick Fix video” I did not have” the video posted below” I only had the link to the Quick Fix video.
I am wondering if something is wrong with my computer or perhaps the video was not posted below .
Please let me know