Joann Burnham, founder of Dharma Yoga Nantucket and the Nantucket Yoga Festival with husband Ted,
lives by the motto “if you’re going to do it, do it properly.”

This mantra, as well as the desire to get her husband out of chronic pain, drove the decision to take the Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training in 2017. Ted had an injury that nothing could heal, so they started seeking alternative practices and ways to move.

For Joann, the YTU training “changed everything–the way I taught, the way I viewed students, and my personal practice–it gave me so much freedom… It gave me permission to have a broader view of what yoga could look like.”

Over the past several years, Nantucket yoga clientele shifted from wanting to do big asanas like headstand, to coming in and asking for help with pain. This has reformed the kind of yoga they offer on the island by adding therapeutic and somatic practices with a YTU spin.

Joann is always on the hunt for new methodologies to bring back to her island practice and teaching.

Want to hear more about Joann’s path to owning and successfully running Dharma Yoga and the Nantucket Yoga Festival? How about learning how to eliminate “sensory amnesia”?

Listen to Joann’s live interview with YTU Teacher Trainer Ariel Kiley and let’s continue the conversation…



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Love Joann’s classes on Nantucket and the annual yoga festival. ❤️ Ariel’s class at last year’s festival on why down dog shouldn’t hurt was my favorite!! 😊


Great Interview!!! I have just finished my YTU training. The training has also affected my teaching universally. It has connected me to more freedom in the practice and the tools to go “off the grid” a bit to meet the needs of students in fun and creative ways. “Sensory Motor Amnesia” is fascinating!!! Yoga and all mindful movement is not only a movement practice but can be a feeling practice as well.

Pamela Ferner

Joanne, thank you for sharing your story of YTU & how it is integrated into your practice. I live in Muskoka, Ontario and like you, have found a community really appreciative of the deep exploration and release offered through the creativity, play and quiet internal awareness offered through is practice.