If you wake up listless or grumpy, or just don’t quite want to get up yet, here’s a simple Yoga Tune Up® pose that  you could do before you even get out of bed! (If there’s someone else in bed with you, you may want to give them a little nudge to make room.) Stretching and strengthening the sides of the body will help realign a scrunched up spine and flush the organs with blood, stimulating and refreshing you and making the waking up process a little easier! (You can also find this pose on the 5 Minute Quick Fix for Lower Back video.)

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Sarah Court

Sarah Court is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer, and the creator of Quantum Leap. She teaches public workshops, anatomy for yoga teacher trainings, and trains Yoga Tune Up® teachers worldwide. She developed and teaches her Quantum Leap continuing education program to make sophisticated movement science easy for movement teachers to understand and apply to their teaching. Sarah received her doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mount St. Mary’s University. She brings significant clinical experience to her teaching, attracting clients and students with a desire to move intelligently, regain mobility, or manage chronic conditions. Sarah is an award-winning graduate of Princeton University, and edited the Yoga Tune Up® blog for 5 years. She has been featured on exercise.com and The New York Times. Find her Yoga Tune Up® schedule here or go to her full website.

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Annabelle Bertrand

Faut que j’essaye ce mouvement dans mon lit demain matin ☺️

Anya Taylor

This is a nice exercise and relies on lengthening the side body, eccentric and concentric contractions of opposite side muscles, and using the breath to increase suppleness of the spine.


Good exercice to include and take conscience the breath in thoracic spine.

Clarissa Stewart

You had me at in bed!
I just learned sidewinder earlier this week doing this variation in bed should be fun to try!!


I will try this exercise tomorrow on my class. 🙂 Thanks!!

Patricia Boudreault

Super ! I will try it out tomorrow morning! Tks for the cue!


I’m currently taking Jill’s YTU 8-day workshop, so I’m always waking up listless and grumpy 😉 Definitely going to try this pose tomorrow morning! (Sidewinder Jr? )


With all the sliding going on, I’m
Not sure someone can actually do this in bed, but it sure looks yummy for the back right there on the floor! I am
Going to try in the morning!

Julie Heacock

Great post. This is something anyone can do. I’m reminded of a joke where you can tack on “in bed” after you read a fortune cookie message. But this is no joke. Thanks for sharing this.


For personal or business travels is amazing useful. YTU techniques can help you to stay in good shape even without a mat. Great !


When someone is suffering from pain the worst thing is for them to become immobile there are so many articles out there that are saying mindful movement is imperative in bringing blood flow and oxygen to the process of healing . I don’t know why most Dr’s would prescribe shots, medication or surgery to so many patients instead of referring them to practitioners in special training for movement classes and even more so as a way of life


Love this movement, included into my morning routine 🙂

Katelyn K Natalie

This is a great suggestion for a morning routine. I’ll try once my husband leaves the bed in the morning… it looks like I’ll need the room for a full arch while laterally flexing my spine and space for abducting my hips. Thanks!

Nathalie Soucy

Last week, I was just looking for a wake-up exercise to mobilize my back and release QL. In addition it wakes my intercostal muscles and my obliques. Magical!

Polly swingle

Love this exercise, a form of bananasana. The added slow concentric muscle contraction of the adductor group is awesome.

deborah liu

this was such a great exercise! i have lower back tightness especially in the QL and this will really help me.

Monica Afesi

Great information. I’ve come to realize just how important it is to move the body before even getting out of bed. I’m going to try this. Thanks.


À good reminder for this pose. Thanks!

Allison Sorokin

I like this. I have done something somewhat similar called banana pose but not with the blanket and I like the idea of creating some resistance with the beachball and being the leg over.

Lisa Ricci

Thanks for this brief, yet informative post. YTU stretches and routines that can easily be integrated into our daily routines are SUCH a valuable tool to convert those who all too often say they ‘don’t have time’, once they see the amazing impact that something like this for 5 minutes in the morning can do!


This is the perfect thing for me to do after waking up stiff in the mornings. Really good tip to not inch the shoulder towards the hip-thats a cheat I do all the time. Good way to wake up the intercoastal muscles and start the day breathing into my back and sides!


I love this idea as a way to start a day or a yoga class! This could be a great warm-up for postures with lateral spinal flexion such as Triangle, Half Moon, and Side Angle Pose. I imagine this pose could also be practiced prone with hands supporting the forehead and engaging tubular core for an even greater flush of the organs and boost of prana. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to starting my morning this way (and possibly that of my yoga students) tomorrow.

Cailyn Edwards

I love this one! It makes me feel like an animal waking up all the muscles in my body so I can pounce into my day!! I think one of my favorite things about yoga tune up is all the places you can take the movements, in bed, standing line, at work, on the beach and pretty much anywhere you fancy!

Cindy DeCoste

This is a brilliant idea to try this pose in bed! I’ve never done this, but am excited to try. I love sidewinder and the thought of waking up to it in the morning! It if feels good, I’ll also share with my students, especially those who have shared that they are so stiff in the morning when they wake up.

Victoria Ryder-Burbidge

Not only is this a good stretch for my students but I will pass it on to my older parents who often find getting out of bed challenging in the morning. This stretch and strengthen will help set them up for a good day.

Linh Taylor

I have never thought of trying this movement in bed. Will try and share this knowledge to my students. Thanks Sarah.