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Kayleigh Miller, a recent addition to the San Antonio Symphony viola section, enjoys a varied career of performance, teaching, and yoga instruction. As a yoga instructor, she initially trained with David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund in Boston, and has completed additional trainings in working with children and modifying a yoga practice for cancer. As a professional musician, she has a particular interest in musicians' issues, which include postural disorders, overuse syndrome, tendonitis, and pain. She believes that a musical career can be pain-free, and that the methodology of Yoga Tune Up® can help musicians to play without pain. Kayleigh additionally brings her 15 years of experience as a musical instructor to her classes, and believes that yoga can be fun, challenging, and reflective. She is a new member of the San Antonio Symphony and is excited to start teaching YTU® in Texas. www.kayleigh-miller.com

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