On Wednesday, I told the tale of my bunions. Today, I’ll discuss techniques for foot care I’ve had time to research while I rest my feet post-surgery.

Here are a few movements I will include in my (future) daily foot care from Katy Bowman’s book, Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief.

  • Holding hands with my feet! Interlace my opposite hand to surgical foot, gently spreading and stretching the tissues between my toes. Lots of full deep breaths! Always supportive.
  • Stretching the gripping muscles. Starting with toenails, lay down the top of my foot behind me, keeping my heel centered. Increase the stretch, when possible, by straightening my back knee and reaching back (extending) from my hip.

Because everything north of the foot is influenced by it, as well as, affect it, I will also include the following Yoga Tune Up® exercises:

  • Knee-to-Chest with Abdominal Crunch
  • Sprinkler Garudasana (Eagle)
  • 1/2 Happy Baby MiniviniLeg Stretch #1, #2, and #3

Truth be told, I am getting a bit punchy with all this immobility required for surgical recuperation! So as of two days ago, I gingerly began to include these YTU exercises as part of my rehab. (Was ever so meticulous NOT to bump my surgical foot!) It feels terrific! And, I know it is the beginning of enlightening my whole body of prime movement patterns moving forward!

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Lisa Federico

Lisa Federico, MA, is a Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 teacher, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, RYT-200 teacher, and Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Lisa emphatically shares her passion for movement with her students. In class, she speaks the language of anatomy and kinesiology, bolstering her participants awareness of their own bodies. She remains an eager student, herself, digging into the complexities of the human body and its phenomenal capabilities. Sidestepping spinal surgery in 2008, Lisa unearthed her path to completing her first full Ironman in 2014. Daily, consistent , intentional movement applied to the body you know so well...your own...will compel you to live a robust, expansive life. Lisa inspires her students to embrace their body, mind and spirit...to self-explore and savor the ride!

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Queen Sheba

It’s amazing how much time and injury can give you, but this was definitely a benefit you were able to gain and share quality information.

Sara Dewhurst

Thanks for the exercises for bunion relief Lisa. I have gotten requests for exercises that are good for people with bunions, or exercises to do before running. I will include these in my recommendations!


So many students struggle with weak arches, bunions, hammertoes. And our feet are mostly hidden away in shoes, they don’t get a lot of love. Healthy feet are so important for healthy aging and quality of life. After my YTU Level 1 course, I’m super stoked to start incorporating more foot mobility and strengthening exercises into my yoga classes.

Ted Burnham

Great reminder of the little things that keep us going. I enjoy sitting in Baddhakonasana with Interlaced Toes because with all the benefits taking place in the body above the long neglected toes are getting in the act below. I hope one day to be able to do other things with them. But for now as they get healthier so do I – thank you.

Miri Greenberg

great tips on how to take care of our feet.


Thanks to your mention of Katy Bowman I got a copy of her book. I also tried the exercises you recommended and they were soothing. Now all I need to do is be more consistent in doing it regularly.

Elizabeth Bond

Great recommendations to ease into when feet are healing. Do you think wearing something like yoga toes would help or be too intense during the healing process?

Dustin Brown

This is great as two of my studio members have just had this same surgery. I will defiantly get them to add these to their self care routine asap. Thank you!

Vanessa Boivin

We do not take enough care of our feet, ever since my yoga tune up course, I’ve integrated some foot exercises we learned in my Pilates classes. People love it, I already see improvement on my feet too! Thanks for sharing these stetches and mobility exercises with us!


i hear the product yoga toes helps as well