Laura teaches Zumba Dance, she has been complaining of aching feet and has a neuroma (an inflammation of the nerves between the 2nd/3rd and 3rd/4th metatarsals). She also has a bunion forming on her right foot (a bump on the base of the big toe joint which causes pain in or around the big toe joint).  It has debilitated her completely, keeping her from doing what she loves – teaching Zumba.  After a few extensive sessions of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball and Yoga Tune Up® exercises like the Barbie Doll Foot and toe articulations with inversion and eversion, she is easing back into teaching Zumba again!

Here’s a video demonstration of how easy it is to relieve foot pain with Ball Therapy:

Learn about the YTU feet and ankles pain relief solutions

Watch the QuickFix Online Feet and Ankles video

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Sue McGurn

Susan has been in the business of fitness since 1990 as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, program manager and leading the NY BFIT University Instructor Training program for one of the nation's largest largest health club chains, Bally Total Fitness for 17 years. Susan was introduced to the Pilates principle of exercise on the reformer in 1999 by Elizabeth Larkam, director of Pilates and Beyond, and who is internationally recognized as an innovator in mind body movement. She holds certificates from BASI, Balanced Body Pilates, American Council on Exercise (ACE) for group and personal training, and licensed to teach Yoga Tune Up® with specialty certificates in Yoga Tune Up® Ball Therapy. Susan is well versed in Pilates Mat work with ring, roller, bands and ball as well as using unique props in Yoga Tune Up® to design programs based on individual needs, challenges and goals. Susan states, "Pilates and Yoga Tune Up® has deeply connected my mind to work synergistically with my body and helping me and many others live better in their body everyday."

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Foot pain is such a nightmare for dancers. And we don’t want to stop dancing! Thank you for sharing this massage with the therapeutic YTU balls, I will practice this to soothe my feet.


This is great…I think I will show this to my kids vs. them trying to listen to me:D

Serge Goyette

Thanks a lot Sue, great video, I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and I’ve been looking for a less invasive way to alleviate the shooting pain going through my heel. I’m definitely going to try this out. on a daily program Thank you for the info

Susan McGurn

Please note: When you have plantar fasciitis, always roll from front to back drawing the tissue toward the heel, not away from it.

Sarah Sachs

Great video, I have recently started swing dancing and my feet are pretty achy after a long night out. This is a perfect remedy.

Frances Rothenberg

I recently had a student with plantar fasciitis who was not getting any relief. I gave her my YTU therapy balls and showed her how she could use them for relief of her symptoms. After a week of massaging her feet with YTU therapy balls she came back a “believer”! In addition to improvement with her plantar fasciitis she indicated that a chronic hamstring injury had significantly improved.

Anna-Marie Lawrence

I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and I’ve been looking for a less invasive way to alleviate the shooting pain going through my heel. I’m definitely going to try this out. Thank you for the info.

Allison McCready

Another great way to use my new YTU therapy balls! I am mostly barefoot on hard floors in all the work I do and even though I do my best to be balanced on my feet, they hurt often especially after a long day of work. Self-care is so important and it’s nice to have a new tool to try out.

Jocelyn Larson

Well it is no secret that our feet are under cared for! The way that we walk, stand and carry our body is not always the best for our feet. We hold a lot of tension here because we often neglect the muscles of the feet. If you start to pay attention to the way you stand or walk you will become aware of the uneven distribution of weight that your feet are carrying, The uneven distribution of weight in walking or standing causes uneven use of muscles which in turn can cause painful problems. Rolling out your arches as… Read more »


Rolling the feet with balls is always a winner! Feels great and I’ve gotten my 84 year old mother to do it as well. She says it feels great too!

Barb Voss

Being that our feet are the foundation for the body, utilizing a technique to lend more flexibility and effective, efficient movements of the foot will improve every aspect of our beings—starting from the ground up! Not only can we stave off injuries such as neuromas and bunions, but we can enhance our performance and comfort as well! Happy feet—life is sweet!

Gloria Tan

Another great reminder and such a simple yet effective YTU exercise you posted. I wish I knew about these balls back in my twenties!– the dancing in the club nights… I would have popped two of these balls in my purse. 🙂

Ada-Reva Spae

I find rolling the feet with the balls to be a perfect overall tonic. They free up the fascia to prevent and cure painful conditions like plantar facitis,,Ease walking and bring an amazing amount of relaxation and stretch to the metacarpals. Also since the feet are highly innervated it can have an effect on relaxation and pain management in other areas of the body.