My yoga practice has changed a lot since my early days. I’m no longer a sensation junkie and I find deep satisfaction exploring the subtleties in conscious movement. My ability to tune into my body’s subtleties has allowed me to catch any tightness in my wrists and forearms caused by prolonged computer use or a vigorous yoga practice. On Wednesday, I wrote about how this tension contributed to the development of a ganglion wrist cyst. My go-to techniques to soothe my tight extensor digitorum include applying a sustained compression to this meaty forearm muscle with the Roll Model® Therapy Balls from Tune Up Fitness®. See how to do with fellow YTU Teacher Dagmar Khan in the video below!

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Dawn Mauricio

Dawn is a yoga and meditation teacher with a playful, dynamic, and centered approach. She is known for her effective balance of clear, precise instruction and mental reflection. She first began practicing yoga in 2000 as a purely physical discipline. After she completed her first silent meditation retreat at a Thai monastery, her interest in the mind and body deepened. She began to experience how yoga and meditation mutually support each other, leading her to approach the world with awareness and kindness as a gateway to wisdom. Since 2006, Dawn has received teaching certifications from Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, True North Insight, Naada Yoga, and in the Yoga Tune Up method. She also continues to attend silent meditation retreats in Burma, Thailand, Canada and the US, and to study with senior teachers in both yoga and meditation. Dawn firmly believes that how we offer ourselves in practice reflects how we offer ourselves in life, inspiring her to find new ways to extend her practice beyond the yoga mat and meditation cushion - and encourages her students to do the same.

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The addition of the blanket I have never tried, nor opening and closing my hand! It is funny when watching videos of other people doing self care, because I want to do all of it too! Major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) happening! hahaha


Thank you for such an informative post and video. I’ll definitely be putting more time in on my forearms to hopefully keep any future wrist issues from coming up. Thanks again!

Nathania Bron

Dealing with this issue myself, I have spent the last year resting and getting therapy so I can get back to my practice and lifting. Since I also work at a desk all day it’s been a long process. I just tried this and it’s for sure something I will be putting in on a regular basis. THANK YOU!


Perfect. Thank you Dawn & Dagmar. Great instruction on the muscles involved, how to do the move, and what the benefits are.

Juan Pablo

Simple yet so effective!
Ball techniques on my forearms and hands have released a lot of tensions on my wrist too.
Thank you 🙂

Dustin Brown

I love this move! I also try to take my wrist and forearm through all ROMs whilst compressing this point. In my sport (BJJ) there is a lot of strong gripping and grabbing. I have found that yoga is an amazing way to relieve some pain but the YTU® Balls and self massage has taken my self care to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing Dawn!

Vanessa Boivin

Thanks for sharing, I have more and more clients who are coming up with wrist issues and some have cyst. I’m glad i’ll be able to help them!

Sheena Nadeau

ganglion wrist cysts can be so painful and debilitating! this such a great release for the muscles of the wrist. thanks!

Keisha F.

I’m currently suffering from a ganglion cyst and I think it might be affecting a nerve in my thumb, which has been very painful. I’m so excited to see this. I’ve done a lot of ball work on my forearms for tendonitis in the past, but have never done the supination and flex/release of the hand. Will be getting started right away. Thank you!

Mindy Micheli

Thank you Dawn and Dagmar for an incredibly instructive post and video. I have been involved in the massage industry since 1983. Due to my own lack of understanding in the realm of self-car technique, (not massage’s fault, but my own ridiculous impression that my physiology was unbreakable), I have been unable to practice for the past 9 years due to debilitating weakness and pain in my fore-arms, wrists and hands. It was so crazy and mystifying to me, and it was not until exploring Yoga Tune Up and the therapy balls that I uncovered the unhealthy way that I… Read more »

Tami Cole

This is so exciting, I have a couple students who suffer from wrist & forearm pain and/or cysts. Can’t wait to try these techniques on them and see if they help.

Tara K

great tutorial and excellent cues. Thanks!


Thank you Dawn and Dagmar. Rolling out my forearms releive all the stresses I’ve been holding on to for so long. I feel the flow all the way down the fingertips.

Karen Smereka

I tried this method of rolling the forearm – it was great relief as I am huge gardener. I also enjoyed reading about tuning into sensing when the forearm is getting tight while typing.or a vigorous yoga practice. Developing the ability to sense these signals is one of the greatest skills to learn. The balls help me get in touch with my tissues in a way that allow me to hone this skill.