Do you ever have foot pain? Do you want to root deeper to the ground in your yoga practice so your balancing poses can further blossom? Perhaps you simply long for the foot freedom you had as a child?

On Wednesday, I wrote about foot development in small children – from infancy to the toddler years. If you want to restore the childlike pliability your feet once had, look no further!

Self-massage with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls will coax movement and articulation back into the joints in your feet. Not only will your feet benefit, but so will all of the muscles and joints connecting to the top of your leg, which helps everything upstream of that. Your brain and nervous system also will get a big dose of down-regulation, as anyone who’s ever had a foot massage knows. Watch the following video for a foot-rolling sequence, and then explore on your own!


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Gwen Yeager

Gwen Yeager-Stofko (E-RYT 500, C-IAYT) is a private and group Hatha Yoga Instructor, Certified Yoga Therapist and Integrated Yoga Tune Up® Teacher based in Los Angeles. Her classes blend ancient yoga philosophy, the teachings of 20th century "modern" yoga, and the latest research and science about yoga, movement, and the brain. Known for her understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, intelligent sequencing, clear instruction, warmth and humor, Gwen teaches newer yogis who want clear guidance in a welcoming environment, students with injuries and those managing chronic conditions, and athletes and yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice by further refining their proprioception, posture, and understanding of the fundamental movements of their bodies. Gwen is a 2007 graduate of YogaWorks' 200-hour teacher training, and a 2008 graduate of YogaWorks' 300-hour professional program, where she mentored with Iyengar teacher Carmen Fitzgibbon. In January 2012 Gwen traveled to Kripalu to take the Yoga Tune Up® teacher training with yogi and fitness expert Jill Miller, a wonderful experience that deepened, refined and expanded Gwen's views on human movement and yoga teaching. Gwen has taken all associated YTU Immersions and regularly assists Jill at workshops and trainings. Gwen leads classes, workshops and trainings in Los Angeles and surrounding vicinities.

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I look forward to using YTU therapeutic balls to soothe chronic foot and toes pain.


What is the difference between Jill’s and Sue Hitzmann’s methods? They both seem to work on fascia.

Tune Up Fitness

Hi Alina, this is a long one, but, here goes… Jill and Sue both teach about fascia science with a focus on wellbeing using soft-tissue manipulation to assist with pain and mobility, but their approaches are slightly different and the products used are different. That said, the end goal of both methods is living in a pain free body. The Roll Model® Method uses a variety of soft pliable balls to target different body parts for managing pain, preparing the body for performance, engaging the relaxation response and for educating oneself about anatomy. MELT uses foam rollers and smaller myofascial… Read more »

Queen Sheba

The purest joy is found within the most modest of things. Thanks for sharing something easy and doable with results that will make an outstanding difference.


I love this! I went to this Kundalini, Restorative yoga class & the teacher told us there are 72 thousand nerve ends in our bodies & most are in our feet! I carry my YTU balls with me everywhere I go, and I discreetly roll my feet out when no ones watching! Awesome videos – looking forward to more!

Keiko Johnson

Awhile ago, I took a ballet class and quickly realized that my feet were weak and uncoordinated when not in shoes. I was not alone in risking injury to my feet or legs. A few of the most advanced dancers seemed to be living with chronic injuries. Since I have been using therapy balls, I have a way to soothe my feet that feels better than a foot massage and mobility is returning. I look forward to returning to dance and to sharing self-care techniques with the other dancers.

Melissa Melendres

One of my most favorite body part to roll out are my feet. I’m a runner and I have bunions. It is my most favorite and liberating thing to do before and after a run! Thanks Gwen for the insight on some additional techniques!

Mindy Micheli

In the past couple of years I have suffered with Planter fasciitis. As this was the first time in my life that I have ever had any type of limitation or dysfunction in my feet, I was completely unaware of how debilitating foot pain can be. I could not manage to walk in a normal manner, and I could do nothing to hide that fact! The YTU balls have truly been a life-saver, as it is through their care and impact upon the muscles, fascia, bones and joints of my feet, that I feel “back to life” again. I realize… Read more »


Simple enough to do – good start to foot health.

I have had foot surgery and every now and then my feet are sore – it feels great to massage my feet – especially the sore spots (I have a high tolerance for pain so really digging in to the spots that would make most people jump don’t phase me).

Dennis Hunter

Very interested in this approach. I recently took a Yamuna Foot Fitness class, with a series of sometimes excruciating exercises on their dome-shaped foot “wakers” with massaging nubs. Afterwards, with all the meridians and fascia of my feet opened up, my feet felt wildly alive for several hours. Almost like a new pair of feet. There is much to be explored here, and I’m sure it has deep connections to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). – Dennis


Speaking as someone that has not always treated her feet so well, I can’t agree with you more about giving our feet more TLC. I suffer from quite a bit of pain in the feet and can honestly say the Yoga Tune Up balls have been such a great pain management tool. No other ball or tool I have used works as well as my Yoga Tune Up balls. As modern human beings, even those that don’t experience pain can benefit from rolling out their feet due to the repetitive loads and sensory limiting shoes we bombard our poor feet… Read more »


The yoga tune up therapy balls are the best tool to help release foot pain. My boyfriend has a planter fascia problem and although he feels that the rolling makes it sensitive during the rolling, he reaps so much more benefits after.


Thanks for posting your comments to Jill’s video on taking care of the feet. I have used the little balls from the Melt Method with Sue Hitzman. Recently, I have used the yoga tune-up balls for the students in my yoga class in addition to the smaller balls. Each student has their individuals needs, so I am glad that the Yoga Tune-Up balls provide an alternative to the smaller balls. I agree, that the feet need additional TLC. They have a communication with the rest of the body and if they have less slide and glide in the tissues, the… Read more »

Stephanie Boxall

So important to do this regularly! Taking 5 minutes a day to roll out your feet can help with foot, heel and calf pain, letting you move more freely. Excellent!

Kassandra Barker

I really like how this simple move does so much for the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons of the foot. Also a great way to break in new tune up balls 🙂

Lisa Pitel-Killah

Great video and I have started using many of these techniques. I have arthritis in my feet and this has helped tremendously with the pain I used to experience in my big toe joints. I find if I do this daily I eliminate most of that pain!