In my previous piece “The Rotator Cuff Lowdown for Volleyball Players,” I touched on the role the rotator cuff plays in overhead motions such as blocking and spiking for beach volleyball players. While there is no secret potion or magic routine to follow that will guarantee to prevent rotator cuff injuries, we know most injures to the rotator cuff are due to overuse and fatigue, and simple strengthening and mobilizing movements can work wonders to keep that rotator cuff healthy throughout your long beach volleyball career.

Yoga Tune Up® poses are a great way to enhance and maintain the rotator cuff mobility. One of my favorite Yoga Tune Up® poses that can easily be integrated into anyone’s rotator cuff routine is Hitchhiking Pizzas (learn how to do it here). This easy exercise can be done standing and only requires you to practice external rotation of the shoulders.

Try this YTU Therapy Ball sequence for the rotator cuff that can be done on a wall with YTU Trainer Sandy Byrne.

Hopefully you find relief and release for your shoulders in preparation for next season and the rest of your life to make shoulder injuries a thing of the past!


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Maya Talisa

Maya’s background in competitive martial arts and volleyball has guided a passion for promoting wellness among athletes through yoga at the high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels. In collaboration with coaches, Maya works with individual athletes and teams to improve performance and reduce injures. Her classes blend guided movement and breath to create balance and flexibility. She is dedicated to promoting strength, conditioning, and lengthening to prepare athletes to compete at the top of their sport and realize their ultimate potential. Certifications & Special Skills: 200e-RYT Teacher Training with Marianne Wells | Mentorship under Marianne Wells, Mark Stephens, Joseph Sarti and Clippers Yoga Coach Kent Katich | Masters in Public Health, Community Health Sciences, UCLA | Yogi Beans: Children's Yoga | Post-Natal Yoga | Baby & Me Yoga | Black Belt Tae Kwan Do, Sparring Coach | Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor

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Queen Sheba

HitchHiking Pizzas is such a wild name, I love it. Three cheers for shoulder free injuries, I do all the things mentioned in the video with Sandy Byrne so I’ll add this to my life to help ensure my shoulders stay well and fit.


That’s awesome!
Now I know I can use the balls pretty much anywhere.

Down time is ball time when you’ve got your YTU balls.

Good way to locate the infraspunatus.

renee turner

love the idea of using the YTU balls anywhere

Kelly O'Brien

I was hoping this video would provide some more information on how to roll out the other rotator cuff muscles as well, such as the supraspinatus. But this is definitely helpful to learn more about how to take care of the infraspinatus. I’m curious if the most beneficial routine for the rotator cuff would be to target all four muscles in sequence?

alexandra breault

oh super j ai souvent des gens blessés aux epaules je vais leur montrer cet exercice c est certain

alexandra breault

oh super j ai souvent des gens blessés aux épaules dans mes cours en en entrainement privé. je vais leur montrer cet exercice c’est certain