Tomorrow, many of us in the states will chop and prep our way to a delicious meal with friends and family for Thanksgiving. As you finalize your plans, try to don’t forget to get in a little self-care. After all, I know you’re all travelling with your therapy balls!

If you’re lucky enough to have Yoga Tune Up® classes in your area, go hang out with your friendly neighborhood YTU teacher, and bring a friend or two! I love seeing new faces in my classes around the holidays. There are classes and workshops happening throughout the holiday season, including November. Check them out here:

Practicing at home? I got you.

First up, work out some of the tension in your shoulders from running around the kitchen or talking to your uncle about politics. Put your shoulders back on your shoulders!

Next, help relieve low back pain and warm up your entire core with Sidewinder. Bonus: you can help mom clean the floors.

After sitting around the dinner table all afternoon, pay attention to your hips with Happy Baby Minivini.

After you’ve digested that big meal, give your guts a little love with the Coregeous ball.

Life is hectic, and we’ve all got folks who depend on us, but taking the time to care for yourself is always worthwhile. Use these self-care techniques to put yourself back on yourself!

Tiffany Holmes

I'm Tiffany! A technical writer, yoga teacher, and CrossFitter in the bustling metropolis of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I like moving, breathing, lifting heavy things and putting them back down, falling off of my bike, cooking and then eating what I cook, knitting, dorking around in the woods, petting dogs, and a bunch of other things. I try to help people to move better and understand how they are put together.

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Queen Sheba

These tricks and tips are just right, I especially like the real life situations that accompany each pose, and will work on making some of my own, since they brought quite a lovely smile to my face.

Ashley Vasas

I always travel with my therapy balls! They are great for helping to get out the kinks after a long car ride or flight. I also frequently struggle with back and neck pain from sleeping in different beds, and these exercises look like great ways to loosen up in the morning.


Great post Tiffany! I love the videos explaining the sequence. What a great way to share some mindfulness and self-care wisdom with the ones you love and celebrate your thanksgiving with. Just a short question regarding the exercise with the Coregeous Ball: you mention “after you’ve digested”. Do you mean after your belly feels less ‘bloated’ or after the food has ‘left the body’?!


i have to try this technique with the coregous ball
Kelly and jill are the best for explain complicated things in simple ways!
great video


I love this sequence you suggested! All great for everyday but especially useful for the holiday season! Will definitely put them to use as often as I can very soon!

kim magill

This is so helpful. I love the shoulder techniques you advocated to manage both physical and emotional stress during the holidays. The coregous ball rolling is a great digestion strategy. After a big meal, that’s not something I’d naturally think to do. Sometimes the belly needs a little massage because its working so hard to process all that delicious food that included extra helpings it’s not accustomed to carrying.


Thanks for these suggestions! I am truly grateful for Yoga Tune Up. Today I practiced a therapy ball sequence for my trapezius; it becomes sore from repetitive cooking motions of chopping, stirring and mixing (and using the computer mouse). My rotator cuff muscles suffer too so I thought to give these muscles some love before all the cooking festivities began. The right (dominant) side of my body becomes especially tight so I also tried to use my left hand more, sharing the duty of stirring, ect. After cooking and serving today I feel more relaxed and less sore than prior… Read more »


Omg, yes!! What a perfect set of moves for the holidays! Especially if you’ve been traveling and need to open the hips and loosen the low back. For sure sharing this one to my yogi friends!


So thankful for my YTU balls and this blog post! It was amazing to feel the difference between sides after practicing just a few rounds of the dynamic half happy baby sequence. It reminds me a lot of one of the hip series I’ve learned in a version of Pawanmuktasana!