You come biologically equipped for self-healing. Roll Model Therapy Balls are your “rubber drugs,” and when you roll them into your life, they will catapult your ability to heal yourself and prevent further damage.


Here are 5 benefits of using Roll Model Therapy Balls:

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Excerpted from The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body by Jill Miller. Copyright © 2014 by Jill Miller. Excerpted by permission of Victory Belt Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.

Jill Miller

Jill Miller, C-IAYT, ERYT is the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide and creator of the self-care fitness formats Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method. With more than 30 years of study in anatomy and movement, she is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, athletics and pain management. She is known as the Teacher’s Teacher and has trained thousands of movement educators, clinicians, and manual therapists to incorporate her paradigm shifting self-care fitness programming into athletic and medical facility programs internationally. She has crafted original programs for 24 Hour Fitness, Equinox, YogaWorks, and numerous professional sports teams. She and her team of 500+ trainers help you to live better in your body with an emphasis on proprioception, mobility, breath mechanics and recovery. She has presented case studies at the Fascia Research Congress and International Association of Yoga Therapy conferences. She has the rare ability to translate complex physiological and biomechanical information into accessible, relevant moves that help her students transform pain, dysfunction and injury into robust fitness. Jill is the anatomy columnist for Yoga Journal Magazine and has been featured in Shape, Men’s Journal, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, Self, and on the Today Show and Good Morning America. Jill is regularly featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network. She is the creator of dozens of DVD’s including Treat While You Train with Kelly Starrett DPT and is the author of the internationally bestselling book The Roll Model: A Step by Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility and Live Better in your Body. Based in Los Angeles, CA, she is a wife and mother of two small children and is currently writing her second book.

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Great summary of how Roll Model Therapy balls can improve performance, health and wellbeing. I love my Roll Model therapy balls and am a total ball-iever!


This is a great explanation of the benefits of The Roll Model Therapy balls. It will be a helpful tool for sharing with people that don’t understand the different areas that they can help in one’s well-being.


My dad is a triathlete and I’m trying to get him into doing more self-care rolling techniques. I’m going to share this infographic with him!


Love this! YTU Therapy Balls have been a complete game-changer for me. This infographic is the perfect way to explain it.

Jolie Mosser

Working on my Level 1 Tune up certification and these balls are amazing! So many benefits and not just the rolling of the muscles. My overall breathing, sense of calmness and increase circulation throughout the body has improved greatly due to the self care of this technique. I’ve already recommended to my students in purchasing the YTU balls and look forward to sharing all the rolling exercises I’m learning with them.


The body does indeed have miraculous self-healing abilities that can be used instead of pain pills. We live in an amazing time when we can have access to tools like the Roll Model® Therapy Balls to expand our ability for self care.

Amanda Burchert

Great visual. I have discussed these benefits with my elite athletes when we introduced the Roll Model Therapy Balls in training. They were amazed with their test, re-tests during our first session. They now incorporate self care with the Roll Model Therapy Balls regularly in their mobility training because of how it makes them feel daily in training, competition and everyday life.

Isabelle Cote

The use of these tools seems incredible ! The possibilities of a better self in so much domains give me the curiosities of learning more about it. Sincerely. Merci !


I would love to have this on my entire chalkboard wall at work. All of the information is easily accessible + concise. I would say that almost everyone could check all five of these major headings as areas they would like to see improvement in. Great work on the infographic!


I just started my level 1 teacher training and this could not be more appropriate!! Im looking forward to read more and more posts!!!

Robert Ouellet

Good graphic, now i will refer to that graphic to have a better understanding of the benefit and the power of those ball. merci..


I think that while all of the above information is absolutely critical to understand in the process of self-care, I thnk the most powerful aspect of self-care is the ability to become more embodied and aware of what’s going on within yourself. Introspection is vitally important, and having deep somatic experiences can really be the missing piece for a lot of people when it comes to getting over the hump.


The coregeous ball has completely changed my posture and breathing. Daily at work i am in a hip flexed position with my abdominal core always tensing up. At the end of the day I unwind on the ball and even pin and stretch for added fascial pull.


I love infographics and this one definitely caught my attention. I’m fascinated that Yoga Tune Up is just as concerned about self-care (or more!) as it is with anatomy. While I have my yoga tune up balls, I need to use them more. This infographic is a good reminder about the importance of self-care and how using the Yoga Tune Up balls can heal, while relieving tension and stress.

Kamilla Vaksman

Great infographic! A perfect way to introduce someone to YTU therapy balls practice. I’m saving this for myself, and I will be sharing this blog posts with my students, family and friends.


Great infographic! I will hang it up in the studio where I am going to teach. So people who take other classes can see the benefits of YTU and try a YTU class =)


I’ve begun using the yoga tune-up balls almost daily, and find that they are a quick way to relieve tension and stress in areas of my body that tend to hold it the most (mainly neck and lower back). Are there any recommendations for using the balls while in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Susannah Nelson

Brilliant infographic,showing the main 5 benefits of using The Roll Model Therapy Balls. This is the reason I started My Yoga Tune Up training 1 after doing the Roll Model training. I’m so pleased to have found a comprehensive self system I can share with my body work therapy clients, and class members ,
Roll on , such GREAT RESULTS !!!

Évelyne Paquin

Les balles thérapeutiques YTU, quelle belle découverte! J’y vois plein davantages autant pour développer la proprioception, aider les gens à mieux connaître leur corps pour identifier les mauvaises habitudes posturales ou leur ”blind sport”. J’adore que c’est que les balles soient autant versatiles et accessibles peu importe l’âge ou le style de vie des gens que ce soit pour de la réadaption, une préparation physique ou de la prévention. Merci, ce graphique est bien utile pour nous aider à sensibiliser les gens !

Jenny Yuan

I love using the Therapy Balls! Not only do they help me to get more in tune with the different muscles and bones of my body, they also help me to reduce stress and regulate my breathing. I feel very refreshed after each session. I am in the process of becoming a yoga teacher and I believe this tool will help me greatly in self-care and in displaying a high level of physical conditioning to my students.

Charmaine Garry

This is a wonderful informative piece to hand out to help explain the benefits of using the YTU balls.

Vickie Chartrand

Ahh les balles! Je trouve que les rouler peuvent être parfois inconfortables, mais cela vaut le coup. Elles me permettent d’éliminer plusieurs tensions dans mon corps.


Les balles comme auto-massage me semblent être un excellent moyen de prendre sa santé en main de façon autonome !

Ariane Fournier

J’adore le concept des balles du Yoga Tune Up! J’ai expérimenté ce concept aujourd’hui dans ma formation niveau 1 de professeur YTU et j’ai beaucoup aimé! Je compte bien les réutiliser!! 🙂


In the YTU training this week!
So much to learn!
Having a great time with the balls too!??
I’m so impressed with the trainers and the founder Jill.
Such strong women?!

Donna Burch

Thank you Jill! Thanks to my friend Diane Marra, I have been introduced to your work! I
just started the Level 1 Teacher Training and I am excited to share it with all my classes!!!

Hilary Hug

I think you might add a sixth benefit to this diagram, increasing body awareness, which you talk about as creating your own embody map.

Linda Brown Arrandt

I love the concept of the Yoga Tune Up Balls being your rubber drugs. I am married to a Chiropractor who used to give all of his patients tennis balls in a tube sock. Once I found these balls through my local yoga instructor, he switched to giving them the Yoga Tune Up Balls. They truly do a better job than the slippery tennis balls. They have a much better density as well as the grippy surface. I am an LMT and Certified Pilates Instructor. I incorporate the balls into my Pilates training. I personally use them daily for self… Read more »

Erika Belanger

That’s a great way to explain to students the benefits of this practice ! Easy to read and understand.

Jennifer Strumfeld

I love the Roll Model Therapy Balls. They have changed my life, body, practice in so many ways. They are the first thing I grab in the morning, even before the yoga mat. My absolute favorite place to roll is my feet — so completely divine, especially when the balls soften up. Other hot spots include my upper back, low back and chest on the wall, hips and most recently my calves. I have happily introduced the balls to so many friends and family members. My next goal is to get our high school cross country team to use the… Read more »


Wow! She is a dynamo! It would be a amazing to attend one of your seminars.

Karlene Capozzolo

As an LMT, this program is going to be life changing for me and my clients! So blessed to have discovered this through a fb page recommendation! !