Theresa is a full time college student, wife, and mother of three. She has been on a positive life changing path for the past two years. Losing 92 pounds has been one of her greatest accomplishments! Theresa has also been working closely with a personal fitness trainer who has taught her how to manage food portion sizes and additionally helps her realize her cardiovascular and strength fitness potential.

Yoga Tune Up® has been an integral part of Theresa’s success!

Although Theresa had taken some gym based yoga when she joined my class, she had not been guided in meditative practices and Yoga Tune Up® alignment principles such as joint stacking. Theresa told me in spite of all of her previous training, “No one ever told me about alignment!”  Learning new yoga poses has been empowering and built her confidence.

Theresa’s hectic life in which she juggles multiple responsibilities called for an extra dose of balanced self care. In addition to the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball program focusing on her tight jaw, described in the previous article, she has loved the Knee-hab work also found on this DVD. The YTU Therapy balls have beneficially counteracted the tightness Theresa has experienced in her fitness journey.

Theresa  truly is a wonderful role model for other students juggling family and work responsibilities. She has embraced the self-care practices of Yoga Tune Up®!

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Bonnie Golden

Bonnie is extremely proud to be a licensed Yoga Tune Up® teacher, and joyfully shares the work of Yoga Tune Up®. She also holds her 200 hour RYT certification from Tias LIttles’ Prajna Yoga, and successfully completed Relax and Renew® training with Judith Lasater and Roger Cole in 2005. Her 30 years of teaching adults is infused with her own love of lifelong learning, and she will always be a student of yoga, meditation, and life. For more about me or to view my Yoga Tune Up® class schedule go here.

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Wendi Jack

What an inspiring story about Theresa! Clearly when a person sets their intention and is present in taking care of themselves magic / shift happens. The yoga tune up applications are so effective and life altering, in mind- body and spirit, that a body can’t help but feel proud and empowered 🙂

Lauren C

This is so inspiring about beautiful. It shows you that you can make a change in your life at any stage. Many people have the excuse that they are too busy to work out or too busy to eat right. She is an example of how we can make a change and fit a healthy style into our lives.

Jamie Leigh

This is what I love about Yoga Tune Up, all the hands on stuff really makes a difference in student’s experience!


How inspiring and even better to have found you as a teacher. As a student of yoga I take for granted teachers know what they’re teaching (this is not just limited to a yoga teacher btw). I am realizing sometimes for me it’s scary to speak up and ask the pertinent question of what was your training, how do you think this will work for me, are there alternatives you recommend? In long run this can turn into a lesson for both student & teacher.


Thank you Cari!

Cari Devine Bjelajac

Wow! Theresa is an inspiration and an example to the tens of thousands of people in this country too overwhelmed to take steps to lose excess weight. Theresa’s risks for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and even depression have been drastically reduced.
Your ability to guide her in her pursuits to continue to improve her health are to be applauded.

Lisa Larivière

I find there is nothing more encourage and empowering than having someone, like a teacher, take the time to nourish her student’s self-confidence – it goes a long way!


Thanks for your comments Josephine and Dagmar!

Dagmar Khan

This is such an inspirational story!Theresa’s life looks under lot of demands,surely it is lot to take care of when you gotta study and take care of your family.This wear down of body that comes into play- definitely-can be greatly therapized by usage of targeted self-massage.Most of my students love this easy-portable self-care tool that helped them overcome lot of unnecessary muscle agony.


I came home after a course in anatony with Jill, and was ment to do my homework with the therapy balls. My husband plays a lot of tennis and was complainiing about his back problem, so i ended up giving a lesson to both him and my 18 year old daughter, and my husbands back problem is clearly much better. None of them are into yoga at all, but this is something different, so i can understand that the therapy balls is a complement to all kinds of sports.