Tune In And Tune Up

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Let’s face it – all of us have a million things competing for our attention, from grocery shopping to paying bills to getting the tires rotated. The list goes on and on, and we as yogis should know better than to put off our practice because we’re “too busy.” When we’re at our busiest is when we need our practice the most, and just five minutes with the YTU Therapy Balls can be a full practice. Jill’s Quickfix Rx DVD is what got me hooked on Yoga Tune Up® – my neck, upper back, and shoulders felt really good, and the routines on this DVD showed me that I really always do have time for self-care for my chronically tight shoulders and that I don’t need to set aside an hour or more for practice. So, let go of the idea that there’s no time, and give yourself permission to take those five minutes for yourself at any time of the day. I am always grateful when I do.

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Dawn Adams

Dawn has been practicing yoga since the mid-1990s. She took her first class at the Alameda Yoga Station in 1996 and has since studied under experienced teachers such as Sandy Blaine, JoAnn Lyons, and Donald Moyer. Dawn graduated from the Advanced Studies Program at the Yoga Room in Berkeley in 2009 and she continues to deepen her personal practice. Yoga has become an integral part of her life, especially because of its nurturing and centering aspects. Through practicing yoga, she has found that undoing is just as important as doing. In her teaching, she hopes to instill a sense of adventure and exploration of yoga, with a focus on finding balance and joy through practice. Most recently, Dawn found Yoga Tune Up and, fascinated by the functional approach to movement, completed the YTU Level 1 Certification. She is excited to share her unique approach to practice.

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Bonnie Bloom

Good Point – practice is so many things but certainly a restorative refuge so on a busy day i need it most but don’t have “time”. I am glad to be reminded that anytime, anywhere, for however long is the perfect time to be aware and use the principles. I could do tubular Core in a million funny public places and noone knows like doing kegels at the checkout.

Rachel T.

We can’t say this enough! Those 5-10 minutes to reset and restore ourselves make it possible to live better in our bodies… Why don’t we make time for it more often? I am going to set a daily reminder on my phone at times I know I am normally home to carve out self care for me and also for my husband who spends his days in an excel spreadsheet and not moving around teaching yoga and group ex.

Melissa Melendres

I was just introduced to the Therapy Balls a few months ago and it has completely changed my life and mobility. I love to personally have long rolling sessions, but love the idea of a quick fix before most yoga or fitness classes. It would be so beneficial to a lot of trainers and their trainees. Excellent point.

Dustin Brown

It seems in todays busy world taking a few seconds for yourself to collect your mind is a rarity. Self care is often not even considered by the general public and even looked upon as strange. Jills methods and personalty are a welcome change to the millions of “Pros” who are parrots of the teachers before them that just repeated what they have heard and so on. Thanks for the reminder.


I’m an “all or nothing” kind of gal, and if I can’t set aside 75 minutes to practice, I skip it completely. Not wise! Thanks for reminding me that with just five minutes, my body will be forever grateful!


Thanks for the reminder… yes, we can all make time for better self-care. Once we create a habit, even for 2 minutes a day, then we magically find more time to stay in that activity and extra minute or two. Then maybe we get use to our 10 minutes of rolling daily and find relief from all our pain and tension. It takes 21-days to create a new habit.

Kristine Tom

Yes! You have to be of service to yourself because you can expect to be of service to others. When I took on too many teaching commitments and my practice (and therefore sanity) went by the wayside, it really showed in my energy as a teacher. My students suffered, as did I. Less is more is what I’m still learning, but the little you can get in, can make all the difference!


This is so true. Self care is so important, especially as a teacher myself. The ball therapy is incredible because it is different than classical asana practices and it is different than what I teach 14-(sometimes)20 times in one week!! Anything goes with the balls as long as it feels healthy. It is my own personal Yoga. A way to release and pamper and sort out and notice and become aware of my own body. A way to heal and to rejuvenate. To let go all the things I may have picked up from bustling around NYC or moped up… Read more »

ShellY Zagor

I love this – Tune in & tune up. I find when I am not in tune with my own body and mind, my practice does not go as well. A nice reminder that all it takes is 5 minutes with the tune up balls andI will feel connected!

will cristobal

amen sister! as a teacher, i found it necessary to put practice on my calendar & even book yoga dates with other people so i commit to practicing. when i miss out of exercise opportunity a ytu dvd helps make up for it. grab those balls & start ballin.

Anna-Marie Lawrence

I was first introduced to YTU balls 6 months ago at a yoga retreat at a Buddhist monastery. Talk about an ideal setting. I had gone with a group of folks from my local yoga studio in Brooklyn, because I had heard so many amazing things about this place of peace and tranquility and in the process I was introduced to Ariel and her tune up balls. I can’t tell you how much they have helped me. I have been suffering from chronic inflammation throughout my body from undiagnosed food intolerances for the last year and detoxing the body is… Read more »

silvia marisol

Oh boy, tell me about it girl! It’s amazing to “feel” the integrity of your breathing come back after a session with the YTU balls! Specifically, using the balls on the TRAPEZIUS muscle.

Ada-Reva Spae

I really agree with you regarding self-care when we need it the most we often deny ourselves stating we are too busy, I always tell students finding time for self care opens them up to have more time and space to do what they need to do. A short routine with yoga tune up balls is an amazing tonic. In 5 minuted you can release fascia, massage tight attachments such as the numerous attachments of the rotator cuff on the humerus, that if still can limit circumduction and interfere with so many acitivies of daily living. A little self care… Read more »


This is so true! Weaving the time for a personal practice is a must but can be so challenging with all the other things that happen on a daily basis. I think a commitment to unrolling the mat at home when i don’t have time to go to a class is necessary. I also have to say that the yoga therapy balls have been a staple in my routine for a few years now. I went to a workshop with Jill and she introduced them to us and since then I’ve had the around the house, at my office, in… Read more »

Cathy Favelle

This is such a great reminder! I have been guilty of passing up my own practice both physically and spiritually when my days get filled….and that tends to happen frequently! I have just started to write down time in my daytimer for “ME” time….no exceptions….even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes….and yes…sometimes only 5 minutes but that time is priceless! I’m just learning the YTU work and Love how just a few poses can make such a difference in my body and my day!

Heidi Knapp

As a yoga teacher I can totally relate, I feel like my personal practice falls the way side and as I teach I begin to wonder what it’s like to be in the student body. “Why are you here? Why do you continue to come.?” The overall comment, “because it’s relaxing.” The beauty of yoga is it mean so many different things to so many people depending on their needs, thoughts, body. Yoga for me is a time to come home to my body, mind, and spirit. I find myself doing a slower practice these days, exactly what I need.… Read more »

Vrinda Liza Eapen

Of course. I agree. It’s also good to practice what you preach. Thanks for the write up.