Tune Up for National Yoga Month!

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To honor National Yoga Month, we’re releasing four Yoga Tune Up moves that will support your yoga practice.

Our first stretch focuses on the hips and legs. Much of daily life impacts our walking patterns. Excessive sitting can turn our strut into muck. The Asymmetrical Runner’s Lunge dials into prime areas of stiffness in the front and back of the legs to improve movement. Try it with Jill Miller.

Our second stretch, Standing Diaphragm Vacuum, focuses on one of the most hidden muscles in the body, the Diaphragm. This move helps you locate your diaphragm by deliberately “losing your breath” through complete exhalation. It also helps you to connect to an inside-out stretch of your deep postural and lower back muscles—tissues that often cause pain due to a lack of full range of motion.

The third stretch focuses on the abdominals with Jill’s favorite rotational core exercise. Revolved abdominal helps strengthen all of the layers of your trunk muscles, mobilizes your intestines, improves your breath and strengthens your dynamic torso.

The final stretch focuses on the shoulder. The Scapula Scalpel roll out helps you locate the shoulder blades and the interconnected musculature around them. Use your Therapy Ball PLUS to massage the tissues around your scapula and improve your inner “GPS” via exciting your body’s proprioceptors. These nerve endings are embedded in fascial layers and provide your brain with input about the scapula’s location.

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Joann Burnham

Standing Diaphragm Vacuum is a game changer for for finding the full power of your breath. it truly is “the secret doorway to finding your innermost abdominals”
Thank You !

Rudie Jimenez

That deep hip flexor stretch!!

Such an amazing change from the low lunge to standing split series we often see in yoga classes to warm up.



I have been practicing diaphragm vacuum in both standing and reclined since my YTU training. It feels different than Uddiyana Bandha and I think different intentions, but I like both! It will be a yoga staple for me…

Monika Bansal

I like the diaphragm work shown here. The stretch for the shoulder is great. I’ve been having issues with my shoulder since a while now and this I will surely do more often! Thanks

penka apostolova

i I like the diaphragm work, good variety for any class . Therapy ball plus is exiting and effective , Thank you for shearing .

Skip Jennings

Revolved abdominal exercise is my favorite as will thank you so much. Great Blog….

kaleen Lugo

Love the diaphragm work, these are all great moves before a good surf sesh. Thanks for the release