[Shoulder Tune Up Part 3]

If you spend any amount of time sitting at a workstation during the day, the muscles of your upper back, especially the ones between the shoulder blades, can become overtaxed and loaded with tension.

Hopefully, you have a pair of Roll Model Method Therapy Balls in your purse or desk (and if you don’t, you should!) so you can tame your tension on demand. Check out the video below where Jill Miller demonstrates the Snow Angel with a pair of YTU Therapy Balls, which is a bonus dynamic stretch for your pecs and chest.


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It’s good to review there simples exercises because a think we slowly forget some part of the sequences!! It will probably be the first sequence I will share with my student !
I think everyone must know this magical relief for shoulders and neck.


Great exercises in this video as well as parts 1 and 2 for anyone sitting for prolonged periods of time (in front of the computer, car, plane …etc.)! What a relief!! Thank you!

Duygu (Dee) Ozkan

Rolling on the wall is a good start point to discover the muscles and stiff locations on your body. Especially you are at an airport or an office or anywhere public people may think you are crazy if you lay down and swing side to side, make circles or go up and down. They will think you have a soul of a dog who wants to scratch his back 🙂 I love to roll just for couple of mins and be free of carrying the stress on my body. Thanks Jill for the video! I also loved the part that… Read more »


Very informative. I carry so much tension in my upper back and I am always looking for ways to help alleviate the pain.

Barbara Gentile

Shoulder Tune Up, Part 1, 2 and 3… so helpful. I notice that as I do it often the sensation is becoming less painful, that is a good sign!

Gustavo Torres Santiago

Great continued methods from the neck, shoulder, and now upper back. I’m at the computer and commuting the entire day and these exercises will definitely alleviate tightness. I’ve also had several left side pinched nerves and being tight probably is the cause.

Sarah Millar

Oh I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. A large portion of our society spend so much time sitting, whether it be on our cell phones, at a computer, and so on. This sequence would be great to add to a class to provide relief through the upper back.


Great exercise for the office worker that sit at the computer all day. You can use this exercise at the coffee break it doesn’t see to take long and they just need a set of balls and a wall. So much fun and a great conversation piece at coffee break;)


I like that this exercise does not require a lot of space. Simply people can do it at the office which would get out of computer posture.

Amanda Shepherd

This video, combined with shoulder roll out parts 1 and 2, will come in very handy for the “upper back roll out” sequence today in YTU Level 1 TT. Thank you.


I find that doing this on the floor creates too much “feedback” for me and so it’s good for me to see the wall version. Sometimes it’s difficult to “translate” from the floor exercises described in the book to the wall version so the video was very helpful in understanding where the balls go for each of these exercises.

Katiana Paré

I am loving this roll out sequence, it’s such a great way to relieve some of the tension that builds up every day. I can’t quite do it on the floor yet, so standing up against a wall is a great alternative.


Thank you for this sequence!

Pascale hazledine

Self awareness is the key,that leads to self help,that leads to empowerment,isn’t amazing that 2little balls can do all that?


I do this on the floor with my students. My students who play tennis and cycle several times a day love this. Its like a double bonus! Releasing the upper back, while stretching out the pecs. Win win situation, and only takes a few minutes!

Scott McKee

I like these more active techniques to nuzzle the balls into the tissues — without sacrificing any of the convenience of a short sequence done on the wall. This will definitely be a conversation starter in the office!


La position des bras dans le mouvement de l’ange est extraordinaire. On ressent une ouverture immédiate de l’avant du corps , un alignement vertical de la colonne instantanément et la dimension du souffle apporte réellement un afflux énergétique considérable.

Desiree N.

I’ve put sticky notes on my co-workers monitors that simply say “posture” to remind them to sit up and stop rolling those shoulders forward! I bring my balls with me to work, I can show this to some of my co-workers, they can do them right on their cubicle walls.

Donna Burch

I am starting to feel like my trapezius is an intimate friend! Re-studying anatomy after 30 years since taking it in college is feeling challenging yet fun! I am fascinated by how the simplest of movements like snow angels shifts where the sensations are felt.

Karen Stillman

Loved this series! Great anytime or place, the YTU* balls are tote and go! I’m feeling much better as I too sit at the desk most all the day… Keep them coming.


I often suffer from tension in my upper back which is what motivated me to try Yoga Tune Up to begin with. The snow angles on the balls have been a game changer for me. I love that it can be done standing also, since laying on the floor is not always available to me.

Heather Longoria

This will be a great sequence to do with my corporate yoga students next week. What a great set of movements to break up the tension in the trapezius!


This is one of my favourite roll outs. I have a set of balls at work and I use them often for this very reason. Computer work is a killer.


This is so quick easy and effective. I love that it doesn’t require lying in the floor. Perfect for the office!


The snow angel can be done on the floor too. I love the option of being able to do on the wall, especially when you are at work and you are able to get up off of your seat and do these exercises in your office. You just need a wall!!!

Alexis Novak

This is such a great way to quickly relieve pec muscle tension, and build up thoracic awareness. Thank you!


Breath is so interesting. I found myself breathing along with the cues even though I was just sitting on the couch watching, not rolling along.