How can myofascial release affect breathing mechanics? When you think of self-massage do you think deep-tissue? It doesn’t always need to be. On the contrary, it can be soothing and utilized to practice breathing techniques. Lately, my favorite way to unwind after a long day is a gentle massage along the anterior and posterior sides of my ribcage using the Yoga Tune Up® Coregeous® Ball.

The larger, softer inflatable ball is the perfect size and density and aids in heightened awareness of my breath while I employ various breathing strategies assisting in the down-regulation of my nervous system. Various muscle groups, muscle attachments and cartilage will be targeted and massaged during the technique.

The erector spinae group run like strong cables the length of your spine.

The erector spinae group run like strong cables the length of your spine.

When you place the Coregeous® Ball underneath your sternum and the xiphoid process, you affect the following muscles and attachments:

  • Transverse thoracus
  • Pectoralis major
  • Rectus abdominus
  • Internal and external obliques
  • Diaphram

Used along the posterior ribcage, the trapezius and rhomboids are affected, and deep to those muscles are the erector spinae group, including the spinalis, longissimus, iliocostalis. These muscles are located on the right and left side of the spinal vertebra, run the entire length of the spine from the sacrum to the occiput.

The erector spinae group is used in bilateral extension of the spine (backbends), unilateral flexion (side bends), and rotation of the cervical spine (turn head right and left).

Be sure to stop back Friday to learn how to use the Coregeous® Ball to roll your way to a calm mind and better breathing mechanics!

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Monica Bright

Monica’s passion in life is to teach. She holds an M.A. in Elementary Education and has spent a career of more than 15 years teaching young students, thus acquiring the skills to disseminate information in a clear and concise manner. With a dance background of more than 20 years and studying extensively in the area of biomechanics in movement and anatomy, Monica has a passion for the human body and understands the human form on a considerably deeper level, which you will find apparent in the intelligent sequencing of her classes.

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After reading this I got down on the floor and breathed into my Coregeous ball below the sternum. I usually concentrate lower on the body, but spending time feeling my diaphragm moving and doing some different breathing routines, I feel a remarkable difference in how relaxed I feel. That down regulating of the nervous system really does feel amazing. Thanks for the reminder. I will be utilizing this more often.

Vivi Sørensen

True, it doesn’t always have to be deep tissue. This is great.


This is a great idea using the coregeous ball for a gentle massage. I can’t wait to try it!


For me, the courageous ball was a game changer. Im so thankful for the connection of breath to massage.

Kate Clark

Thank you for this reminder about the value of gentle self-care.


Breathing exercises on the Coregeous Ball is currently my favorite way to gently wind down and reconnect with my breath after a long day!

John Cianca

Placing the YT balls on my upper, middle and lower back while working on abdominal and thoracic breaths has improved my breathing patterns.

Vernatha Montoute

As a child I was diagnosed with asthma and then restrictive lung disease in my adult life. To this day I have breathing issues although I don’t know if it’s worse since I now I’ve almost completely refrained from cardio exercises. I know that my breathing isn’t steady though because sometimes I catch myself breathing irregularly. I am hoping to find of of these softer balls and attempt this method to see if it creates any normality for me.

Dani Ibarra

This is great! I have a ball similar to the courageous and I absolutely love the way it feels. Thank you for the extra tips and areas to roll, I will be trying it tonight!

Krysten Hills

The coregeous ball is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Thanks for these tips.

Amanda Rassam

One of the best sleeps I ever had was after I rolled my ribcage with a Coregeous ball. A definite must-try!

Jonathan McKinna

I love how breathing on the Coregeous sandwiches these muscles between the ball and your insides. It’s like giving the muscles a massage from both sides simultaneously. And there’s very little you have to do to achieve results. Just breathe. Thank you, Monica! P.S. I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas now!


Bonjour Monica,

je te remercie de spécifier à quels endroit la balle coregeous déploie ses bénéfices. Nous avons souvent l’impression qu’elle isole seulement la respiration mais ne prodigue pas d’auto massage, ce qui est totalement faux! J’aime savoir que ses impacts sont à de multiples endroits!


These are great and effective tips for using the Coregeous ball. I love the fact the Coregeous ball combined with the breathing technique you mentioned is a great way to down regulate in times of stress or at the end of a busy day! Thanks for the great article Monica!

François gosselin

This is a great reminder of the impact of our breath and how it is important to give it attention.


Thanks Monica for the reminder to pause and use my Coregeous ball to roll out both my anterior and posterior ribcage. The demands of attending Level I training require good self-care so I can more effectively learn and retain all the new information. I’m planning to make time for rolling tonight to help me move through my homework assignments with greater ease and creativity.

Ariane Fournier

Je trouve super intéressant de constater le rôle que le Coregeous ball peut avoir sur notre corps et sur notre respiration, par exemple! Je n’étais pas une personne qui utilisait beaucoup les balles et le Coregeous ball avant de suivre ma formation de YTU, mais je compte bien commencer à les utiliser plus régulièrement pour pouvoir bénéficier de tous leurs bienfaits! 🙂 merci !

Lena Rogers

Sounds like an awesome way to release a lot of muscles both anterior and posterior. Once I get the Corgeous ball I will have to try this one.


Thank you for identifying the areas of the body where this breathing work along with the Coregeous Ball is affected. I love the idea of doing this on a regular basis once the work day is over as a soothing down regulating technique along with the different muscle groups being worked. Great multi-tasker. Thanks, Monica.

Desiree Nett

Thank you for giving me some more breathing techniques to use with my coregeous ball! I never really knew how to use it on the front of my chest. I am going to start doing this every night as well. What a great way to end the day!