Breath & Bliss Immersion with Jill Miller
November 3rd - 5th

The 3-Day Breath & Bliss Immersion will provide you with multiple embodied explorations that create the conditions needed for profound relaxation, increased body awareness, and mind-body connectivity. You'll find a treasure chest of new exercises and practices to enhance your well-being and those of your clients & students. For movement educators of every discipline, athletes, coaches, manual therapists, mental health professionals and any individual looking to enhance their recovery tool-kit, you will leave with creative ways to guide students of every level into down-regulation.
Price:  $645

In this Training, Dive Deep into:

• The anatomy and physiology of stress-relief and the new science of the vagus nerve
• Diaphragm discoveries: explore your diaphragm with novel breath practices
• Manageable meditation techniques for all
• Savasana studies: how to craft successful relaxation for yourself and your students
• ROLLaxation: Roll Model® Therapy Ball Techniques to hasten relaxation and pain relief

Products Used in this Course (not included in registration):  YTU Therapy Ball Pair, Coregeous Ball

Online Course Attendance Details:

• You will have access to the Lectures, Workshop Videos and Manual in advance, beginning October 30th
• If you can't make any of the live Zoom Sessions, they will be recorded and posted for review
• You will have access to all course content up through November 17th

Course Outline

Welcome to the Breath & Bliss Interactive Online Immersion
Breath & Bliss Manual
Handout - Support Articles
Breath & Bliss Immersion - Day 1
Getting Started Introduction
Workshop - Breathe In: Bliss Out Workshop The Physiology of Relaxation
Lecture - Savasana Studies
B&B Interactive Zoom Session: Day 1 - Nov 3rd, 2pm - 4:30pm PT (5pm - 7:30pm ET)
Breath & Bliss Immersion - Day 2
Reflections and Interoception Assessment
Workshop - Breath Camp: Diaphragm Dynamics for Performance and Downregulation
Lecture - ROLLAXATION: The 5 P's of Recovery
B&B Interactive Zoom Session: Day 2 - Nov 4th, 2pm - 4:30pm PT (5pm - 7:30pm ET)
Breath & Bliss Immersion - Day 3
Reflections and Inspiration Warm-Up
Workshop - NeuroTune Up: Attune Your Resilience
Bonus Segment: Diaphragm Vacuum Petting Zoo
Lecture - Why Embodied Meditation
Dr. Stephen Porges lecture: CCARE Conference at Stanford - The Psychophysiology of Compassion
B&B Interactive Zoom Session: Day 3 - Nov 5th, 2pm - 4:30pm PT (5pm - 7:30pm ET)