CHATURANGA - The Power of the Push: The Evolution Series - Class #7

Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 10:00am
The bottom of a push-up. Often the point of no return. Either the pectorals elastically lengthen and generate power to push, or your body discombobulates, compensates or collapses. Locate your own fascial pre-stretch of your pecs in order to maximize your push power.

Props used in this class:
YTU Therapy Balls/ Strap/ Blocks/ Wall

After doing the CHATURANGA class, we recommend you also do the following class from the Replay Library.

Cyclists, Keyboard-ists and Baby Holders: Un-roll the Crouch, Clench & Cradle Position

The reason I'm pairing this replay class with the new CHATURANGAClass is because the rib cage/shoulder relationship is one of the more sense-avoidant connections in the body. This class is a 30 minute rollout that specifically addresses Upper Crossed Syndrome and fortifies the proprioceptive map needed for Chaturanga, planks and push-up positions.

Mentorship Program for this Class (only with subscription):   
Evolution Series Mentor Class #2 - Sliding With Support

In the next phase of MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL Jill goes back to her roots, teaching 16 different one hour classes, breaking down and building into well-known Yoga Poses as the focus of each class. Using Roll Model® balls, other props and novel strength building exercises, Jill strategically sequences to properly prep the body for each pose. 

One new class will be released every week, over a 4 week period, followed by a Live Mentor Zoom call the next week which is focused on the last four weeks’ classes.
Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 10:00am
Online, CA PDT
United States