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The Tune Up Corporate Wellness program focuses specifically on musculoskeletal health. Our mission is to eliminate pain, reduce stress, and prevent injury for your employee population. We do this by helping get a body back to its highest functional state - which means it is mobile, stable and pain free.

Our goal is to EMPOWER your EMPLOYEES with tools and techniques to take self-care maintenance into their own hands.

Our programs focus on: Stress Reduction, Pain Relief, Increased Mobility.

The Problem:

According to the World Health Organization musculoskeletal disorders (namely, injuries or pain in the body's joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves tendons and structures that support limbs, neck and back) are the fastest growing disease category on the planet.
  • 34% of all LOST WORKDAYS reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics are due to Musculoskeletal issues1
  • Arthritis, back pain, headache, and other common musculoskeletal issues result in $61.2 billion annually in LOWER PRODUCTIVITY for U.S. workers2
  • Workers with back pain have HIGHER ABSENTEEISM by an average of 4 more days each year than those without3

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The Solution:

Our Tune Up Wellness programs EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES with specialized techniques and tools that help bring a body back into complete physiological balance. We create customized programs suitable to your populations needs and company requirements through Lunch & Learn presentations and on-site programs that teach your employees how to solve their own pain and mobility issues.
Our Corporate Tune Up Wellness Specialists have worked with companies such as:

Inquire about our specialized Lunch & Learn Presentations or Customized Employee Workshops and let us show you the high return employee health and well-being has on productivity.

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