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These EDUCATION based videos are designed to provide accessible insight about the interconnectedness of your entire musculoskeletal system and teach you how our self-care fitness tools & techniques work.
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Tune Up Fitness offers an extensive selection of targeted fitness, yoga, and self-massage videos. Browse our video selection and filter by category, body focus, activity, and/or series. Our at-home fitness videos cover aspects of our program ranging from targeted Quickfixes for specific areas of your body to the anatomy of self-massage with therapy balls.

Our video playlist builder allows you to focus on your body’s needs while still taking an integrated approach to self-care. Click on an individual video to add it to your personalized playlist, then once you have made your selections, you can order them all together. Order at least six at-home fitness videos to receive a 10% discount. Your purchase will give you access to the online videos so you can watch them as many times as needed for your self-care fitness program. Create your own video package today and start applying the principles of Tune Up Fitness so you can live better in your body.