Interactive Mentorship Series with Jill Miller


The Interactive Mentorship Series program will have a weekly focused curriculum based on classes taught by Jill Miller on In it, you will receive more direction and understanding on why classes are sequenced the way they are, how it relates to your body and the best use of the existing material. You'll “learn by feeling” first, and then join Jill each week in a live mentorship class session. The Interactive Mentorship Series will run July 10th - September 25th.

Here’s how works: 

Each week, you'll get a “curriculum” - i.e., 3 specific classes from the existing library, curated based on their interplay. You’ll explore these classes on your own. Then, each week, you'll have a 60 minute live, interactive mentorship session where Jill breaks down the themes and mechanics of those classes, explores specific exercises and possible modifications, adaptations, and regressions/progressions. You'll also discuss body conundrums and confusion related to the classes and have your questions answered. If you can't make them live, they will be recorded and available for you to view at your convenience. 

Why is this important? 

Understanding the layers of the programming, anatomy and exercises (whether you’re a fitness/wellness professional, or just enjoy the results), empowers you to do this work on your own when needed (or to better explain and teach it to others). Most importantly though, it allows you to be your own best resource when it comes to self-care. 

Whether you’re a fitness/wellness professional or just like the way this work makes you feel, this Interactive Mentorship Series is for you. 

Friday-Thursday: Your Psoas and the Depth of You

Homework Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. How did this class make my body feel?
  2. Describe any surprises that I experienced within this class.
  3. How did this class make me uncomfortable?
  4. Did the sankalpa “mindset” concept help my process? Or did it get in the way?
  5. Where did I need more time?
  6. Where did I need less time?
  7. How did I feel 24 hours after class?
  8. What common links, if any, did I experience as the 3 classes intermixed within my body?

Then, the live Zoom Interactive Mentorship Session on Thursday will be a class style discussion where we'll dive deeper into the week's theme and content.

To review the first four weeks of themed programming go here


  • Weekly Live Mentorship Sessions with Jill
  • Weekly Focused Programming Assignment
  • Access to a written list of exercises for each of assigned classes
  • Full Class Library Access
  • Recorded replay access to the Weekly Mentor Sessions