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Allison Pfeiffer

Alli Pfeiffer is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Level 3 Neurokinetic Therapist specializing in athletes of all ages and levels, with a focus on helping them achieve their performance goals and maintain healthy, functioning bodies.  The physical demands of being a full time massage therapist showed Alli her own "body blind spots" as she was beginning to feel the effects of a busy practice and a lack of Self-Care. She sought help through yoga classes, which is where she first met the amazing Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls.
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Allison Sorokin

Allison Sorokin; Back Pain; Yoga by the Bay
A fitness enthusiast from a young age, Allison’s yoga practice began over 20 years ago when working at a gym in the World Trade Center.  It wasn’t’ until she sought refuge at a local NJ studio to find peace and quiet while dealing with PTSD, depression and anxiety, did she begin to experience and understand the spiritual and emotional benefits of yoga and meditation.   
Over the years, she has turned to her practice again and again to heal from physical injuries as well as emotional ones.  
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Alys Dahbura

Alys Dahbura is a movement educator passionate about encouraging people to trust their intuition and restore within themselves an environment for optimal movement.  She holds certifications in Yoga Tune Up®,  Rock Tape Myofascial Taping, Egoscue PAS Level 2, Primal Movement Chains, the Biomechanics Method,ACE group fitness, 200 hr yoga teacher, and Spinning.  Alys holds a B.S.
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Alyssa Prettyman

Alyssa Prettyman Yoga Ball Rolling Yoga Tune Up Calf Massage
Alyssa Prettyman is a yoga, funcitonal movement and meditation teacher living in San Jose, California. Alyssa often incorporates work with Yoga Tune Up therapy balls into her classes and runs workshops and teacher trainings in Boston, LA and San Jose. Outside of yoga she is a mom of two energetic little boys, and enjoys cooking, sarcasm and googly eyes. 
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Amalea Fisher

Amalea Fisher is a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor and Restorative Exercise Institute Healthy Foot Practitioner.  She started practicing YTU after experiencing debilitating neck pain and it had an immediate impact when nothing else worked.  When she took up outdoor running in 2011, the need to care for her tissues and joints became even more important.
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Amanda Morley

Amanda Morley, E-RYT500, teaches Anusara® yoga and Yoga Tune Up® in Canberra, Australia. Amanda has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years, where she has trained across modalities including weight training, functional movement, massage and yoga. She has a deep interest in eastern philosophy which has influenced her approach to looking at the whole person and placing an equal emphasis on the physical, mental and emotional.

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Amanda Tripp

Amanda Tripp is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and an Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher.  She teaches weekly classes in the Niagara Region and trains Yoga Tune Up® teachers from across the country and around the world.
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