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Ethan Hammond

Ethan Hammond has been working with athletes since 2009, first as an assistant to Athletic Trainers and sports coaches. After spending some time in the Athletic Training program at the University of Alabama, he began to notice that athletes of all levels were experiencing massive amounts of injuries…which were completely preventable. Sometimes the athletes were in pain because they were sick. Other times, they were in a horrible accident during training where some external force caused their body to break or tear. That definitely happened; about 2% of the time.

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Evan Horn

After 15 years as a mountain and river guide on expeditions around the world, I started a family and started a massage therapy practice focused on Active Release Technique (ART) myofascial release. Looking for self care tools led me to become a Registered Yoga Instructor, and further study led me to The Roll Model(r) Method and Yoga Tune Up(r). I see clients in group Yoga and Roll Model(r) classes, as well as private myofascial massage clients. I'm enjoying the journey of investigating and sharing self treatment strategies with my clients. 
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Freda Sanani

Yoga class, Meditation Class
As a yoga teacher, Freda Sanani's main interest is in giving. She genuinely cares for her clients and their well-being, both physical and emotional, and specializes in guiding clients to clarify and achieve their personal goals. Freda encourages her clients to set goals that are challenging, but never overwhelming. She believes yoga not only nurtures both the body and the spirit with its movement, but also offers growth opportunity in the physical, spiritual, and emotional realms.

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Gabriela Rodriguez

Certified Yoga Tune Up Teacher en México
Gabriela is a RYT 200 hrs Certified YogaWorks Instructor trained by Laurel Beversdorf in 2014 and a Certified Yoga Tune Up Instructor trained by Jill Miller in 2015. She is also a The Roll Model Method Trainer and Practitioner and a Craniosacral Therapist by the Upledger Institute. Gabriela started her yoga and movement journey in 2009 after dealing with some emotional issues such as the loss of family members, anxiety and body pain. 
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Giancarla Maria Eichleay

Giancarla loves the synergy of sound, breath, and movement. Her classes offer the space to cultivate health, wellness, understanding, and human connection. (And make you sweat. A lot.)

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Gina Decker

Gina began the practice of yoga 20 years ago. A doctor had recommended she look into yoga to gain more flexibility. She went on to teaching yoga and later to teaching others how to teach this amazing practice. Gina has been teaching in the Inland Empire since 2001. She completed her 200 level teacher training with Devi Yoga in Claremont, Ca. After completing two other teacher trainings including YogaWorks and YogaFit, Gina received her 500 level teacher training with Cloud Nine Yoga under the direction of Erika Faith.
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Gloria Herdt

Shortly after moving to Boston in 2009, I experienced my first of many Hemiplegic migraine attacks that left me with temporary paralysis and chronic neck/back pain. With my hectic, anxiety-ridden life as a Real Estate Broker only adding to my body’s discomfort, I desperately searched for answers and relief from the pain.
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