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Laurel Crane

I tend to believe everything happens for a reason. Growing up as a constant mover and shaker, I played numerous sports and always seemed to have had too much energy for both my teachers and parents. While pregnant with my first child, I drifted away from the one thing that consistently lead me towards a more balanced state, frequent and consistent movement. After birthing each of my 3 babes, I did revisit my natural desire to get moving yet found it inconsistent due to the constant pressures of new motherhood.
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Lauren Cap

After taking her first yoga class as a way to relieve anxiety and stress, Lauren knew this would become a life long practice. She received her certification from Prana Power Yoga NYC and is grateful for her Prana family. She teaches a heartfelt Vinyasa flow focusing on building strength, breath control, and proper  alignment. She encourages self expression, acceptance, listening to one's body, and finding the true teacher in all of us.
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Lauren Reese

~Lauren Reese, E-RYT 200
Lauren Reese,  E-RYT and Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher has been involved in group fitness for over 19 years. She started with teaching aerobics, weight training classes, and triathalons.  After several injuries, Lauren found herself in pain. Frustrated – because even though she was “fit” her body was always hurting – she turned to yoga to find strength and healing for her injuries. Yoga not only helped her feel better physically, but yoga also taught her the importance of balance, both literally and figuratively.
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Laurence Chehab-Fabry

Laurence Chehab-Fabry, YYTU, Yin & restorative teacher in geneva, switzerland
Join me for various Yoga styles, and Myofascial self-massage (Roll Model®) weekly classes & workshops, taught in English & French.

What I'm passionate about in teaching yoga is to share with and learn from my students. My priority is to guide them towards a deeper understanding of their bodies (physical, energetic and mental) so that they can improve their well-being in everyday life and their balance for all years to come. I discovered yoga in Switzerland in 2010 and it is when living in Singapore from 2012 to 2018 that this practice has become fundamental for me. 
Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor since 2013, I was fortunate to take part in Asia & elsewhere to over 700 hours of training and had the privilege to deepen my understanding of Yin yoga and meditation with Sarah Powers and Jo Phee, Yoga Therapy with Arun Rana, Restorative yoga with Adeline Tien. Passionate about the Myofascial Release technique and convinced of its many benefits, I have studied this matter from several sources and I'm glad to be one of the happy few Yoga Tune Up® certified teachers in Switzerland. I often include YTU Therapy Balls in Yin yoga sequences and of course in Yoga Tune Up® classes.
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Laurie Streff

Laurie is a C-IAYT and YACEP movement educator with over 25 years of fitness teaching, management, and teacher training experience. Passionate about creating learning spaces that are innovative, dynamic, and every-body friendly, it's Laurie’s goal to inspire people to prioritize self-care through exploratory movement and restorative techniques. She is especially excited to share the self-care principles of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method which bring heightened awareness to what the body needs to operate at its very best.
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Lee-Anne Heron ND, ERYT, Roll Model® Method Teacher Trainer

Lee-Anne is based in Perth, West Australia and is a Functional Anatomy, Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer and Yoga Tune Up® The Roll Model Method Trainer and is on faculty on Teacher Trainings throughout Australia and Asia and teaches workshops worldwide, as well as delivering CPE for health professionals and yoga teachers. You'll find her in the upcoming Functional Anatomy of Yoga video, filmed in LA March 2015 and on faculty at Tina Nance Yoga and Levi Banner Yoga at Yoga Barn, Ubud and for Yoga NRG and Yoga Training Australia trainings Australia wide.

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Leorna Leung

Leorna has over 1000 hrs training just in different modality of Yoga, then plus Pilates and other movements. She experienced first-hand the benefits of movement can contribute a positive change in health and awareness during recovery from Cancer years ago.

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Lesley Fantin

Certifying as a Yoga Tune Up teacher taught me many things. I learned the basics in movement and anatomy which was missing from other yoga trainings I had taken in the past, I also learned to think outside the box so I could become more creative as a teacher.  The most important take away was my renewed love of learning!  The YTU certification and the Immersions stirred up curiosity and awakened a passion for asking the 'whys' and 'hows' of movement in yoga classes and beyond. 

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Lezanne Swart

Lezanne is a certified teacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP) through Yoga Arts, Australia and has been teaching since 2009. She is a graduate of Leslie Kaminoff’s 9-month Anatomy Teacher Training course through The Breathing Project. She is also a certified Roll Model® Method Practitioner and Yoga Tune Up® teacher.

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Lillee Chandra

Lillee Chandra, LMT, E-RYT, is a Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model Method® senior teacher and trainer, a licensed massage therapist certified in clinical orthopedic manual therapy, and an embodied movement nerd.
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