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Pamela Ferner
After a career committed to access in education, my attention has shifted to yoga, to healing, and all that connects to working from the inside out. Now a RYT500 and certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor, I studied hatha, pranayama, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy through Ahimsa Yoga, and practiced meditation both at the Dai Bosatsu Zendo and with Aaron Dias. This is a different type of hard work :).
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Patricia K. Holder

Patricia K Holder
An IT geek since she was young, Patricia believed she would do nothing else in life but follow this passion. Living in Bermuda and randomly practicing yoga on its beautiful beaches, she realized that as much as she loved city life, she resonated with the peaceful practice of just being.
In 2007, Patricia started on her path to health and wellness by becoming a Reiki Master and offering her services as a Reiki Practitioner.
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Patricia Lamontagne

(english will follow)

Fondatrice de eYo - equiYoga, Patricia est une cavalière spécialisée en dressage et en Équitation de Travail, qui pratique l'équitation depuis plus de 35 ans ! Elle enseigne l'équitation et l'equiYoga depuis plusieurs années - ​et maintenant le Yoga Tune Up - aux cavaliers de tous niveaux, pratiquant diverses disciplines équestres.

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Patty Wortham

Patty Wortham believes working out and creating strength in the body should be a joyful experience. In both group classes and private Yoga Tune Up sessions, Patty keeps the tone light while working the body hard. With a background in dance and movement, Patty is a firm believer in using music to enhance the experience and sharing knowledge to deepen the client's understanding of how the body works. Join her for an experience that will lighten your load - body AND mind! Find her current teaching schedule and body thoughts at

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Peggy Stevens

Peggy and her standard poodle, Pink
Peggy started out as a banker and tax accountant.  After years of 4 inch heels and long hours of sitting, she realized in her late 50s early 60s that her passion was helping people age gracefully.  The most glaring example for her was watching her mother age.  Looking at her photo gallery you will see the photographic evidence of the difficult aging process experienced by her mom.  At 40 and 70 they were still the same height.  By the time her mother moved in with Peggy and her family around the time she turned 90, her mother had shrunk to below Peggy's shoulder. 
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Prudence Lee Brewster

Lee is a Hanna Somatic Educator, personal trainer, movement educator and yoga teacher. She is qualified to help those wishing to improve fitness, recover from injury, and move in a more organized way. Her specialty is Hanna Somatic Education, a system to improve neuromuscular organization, particularly in gait patterns. 
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R.E. Lewis

R.E.'s passion for movement and anatomy is saturated by his experience in the martial arts and Crossfit realms. At 17, R.E. began his journey into martial arts tasting many styles from Tae Kwon Do, to Jeet Kune Do; until he found Filipino Kali. In 2005 he earned his Black Sash in Marcial Tirada System of Kali and has been teaching Filipino Martial Arts ever since. In 2010 his branches sprouted once again upon the discovery of Crossfit, which led him to obtaining his Level 1 Trainer Certificate in 2012.
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Rachel Lando

restorative autoimmune rachel
After being diagnosed in 2012 with scleroderma, a rare autoimmune condition causing soft tissue fibrosis, Rachel embarked on a journey of rediscovering movement in her stiffening body.  She received her Yoga Teacher Certification in 2019 through D'ana Baptiste at Inbody Academy and began her work of empowering those living with chronic illness to move towards ease through Restorative and Iyengar-based practices.  It was at this time, she encountered Tune Up Fitness and the work of Jill Miller.

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