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Rachelle Gura

With a passion for dance, sports, movement and after teaching fitness for several years Rachelle left the corporate Matrix in 2005 succumbing to the internal drive to live a more compeling life and assist others with their physical and behavioral advancement. It is by changing our mind that we change our habits and make lasting change in our lives. A 500hr traditional yoga and progressive Pilates MAT certifications have been coupled with life coaching education and NeuroLinguistic Processing Master Certification to facilitate that change with you, if you wan it.
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Randy Williams

I have a background in martial arts and collegiate football, which has led to countless rounds of injury and recovery. This has guided me to approach exercise with a “work smarter, not harder” mindset and to focus on a movement experience. My mission is to live, learn and be a guide for those seeking out the most vital version of themselves. Where I best serves as a coach is for those seeking out ways to move or exercise without pain, improve bodily awareness and build strength. I work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.
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Rea Zámbó

P u r s u e + P r o g r e s s

Rea is a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher and The Roll Model® Method Practitioner, E-RYT200 & RYT500 (certified with Jason Crandell).
Her classes are grounded and intentional, she creates methodical and creative sequences combined with attention to alignment and detail.  With a keen interest in anatomy and physiology, Rea encourages her students to explore body and overall awareness. 
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Rebecca Tamm, LMT

Rebecca Tamm is a licensed massage therapist and has been the owner/operator of Michigan Massage and Wellness (formerly Royal Oak Massage) since 2004.  Her approach to fixing people includes Fascial Stretch Therapy, Lokte Method​™ as well as integrating the Roll Model Method​® and now Yoga Tune Up​® classes into her practice.  Rebecca is a forever student and continues to learn about the human body and how it moves and functions so she can better educate others to help them live a pain free life.
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Regina Santos

Regina Santos is a Certified Yoga Tune Up Practitioner and Pilates Instructor who leads students in fitness by focusing on proper postural & joint alignment and core conditioning.  She has made a name for herself as an attentive and creative teacher who leads lessons that emphasize mind-body control in the strengthening, rehabilitation and mobility of well-being and physical form. In addition to her private teaching practice, Regina is a Senior Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor at the elite Equinox Fitness Clubs.
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Renee Holden

Renee Holden has been fascinated by, and has studied the human body since she can remember. A 32 year career in the fitness industry has led her to teach, coach, train, manage, and mentor others. Continuing Education is her passion. She inspires people to understand their bodies through the modalities of movement, strength, and therapy, allowing them to be in the best health they can achieve.
Structural alignment, mobility, flexibility, and stress reduction are integrated into her practice assisting clients to achieve their goals and make a positive change.
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Rhonda Braun

Read my articles on the Tune Up Fitness blog here.
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Rianna Reid

Rianna has been studying yoga and meditation since she was a teenager, seeking teacher training in the classical tradition of Sivananda Yoga in 1999. 

She has since earned certification teaching Yoga Tune Up®, iRest® Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga and is currently teaching Yoga Tune Up at Lost 'n Found Yoga in St Catharines, Ontario.

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Rie Katagiri

Rie Katagiri is a Los Angeles based woman of many passions.  When she isn't teaching Erotic Movement Arts and Pole Dancing classes she's got her healing hands on someone's body.  She is a bodyworker trained in Shiatsu, Visionary Craniosacral work, deep tissue and intuitive healing for over 17 years.  She has also been teaching Forrest Yoga since 2002.  Her dynamic approach to healing is through movement and pleasure.  
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