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Pat Donaher

Pat brings a lifetime of spiritual and artistic experimentation to  teaching a safe, powerful, eclectic vinyasa yoga.  He began  practicing yoga in 1995, hoping to improve his breathing and performance as a professional saxophonist.  One class became a lifelong study, as he continues to explore the various facets of yoga in all parts of life.
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Patricia Hachey

Patricia is a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher, dance instructor and RYT 200 teacher. Having recently traded the busy streets of New York City for the crisp mountain air in Denver, she currently teaches private sessions and is seeking a new studio to call home. Her first true love was dance, and from a young age she understood that her body was built to move. After 10 years of touring internationally with Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Patricia hung up her pointe shoes to share her love of movement with others.
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Patricia K. Holder

Patricia K Holder
An IT geek since she was young, Patricia believed she would do nothing else in life but follow this passion. Living in Bermuda and randomly practicing yoga on its beautiful beaches, she realized that as much as she loved city life, she resonated with the peaceful practice of just being.
In 2007, Patricia started on her path to health and wellness by becoming a Reiki Master and offering her services as a Reiki Practitioner.
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Patricia Lamontagne

(english will follow)

Fondatrice de eYo - equiYoga, Patricia est une cavalière spécialisée en dressage et en Équitation de Travail, qui pratique l'équitation depuis plus de 35 ans ! Elle enseigne l'équitation et l'equiYoga depuis plusieurs années - ​et maintenant le Yoga Tune Up - aux cavaliers de tous niveaux, pratiquant diverses disciplines équestres.

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Patti Breitbach Rashid

I  live life in motion!  Initially a student, performer and teacher of dance, a sports enthusiast, fitness aficionado and lover of the outdoors, I eventually found my way to becoming a yoga teacher (E-RYT), movement educator and most recently, a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor.  In addition to teaching movement modalities and utilizing my training in the healing arts, I am also an Occupational Therapist with experience in adult and pediatric rehabilitation.
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Pattie Makuta

Pattie feels so blessed to have been able to teach and share her love for dance, movement, and yoga for a total of over fifteen years.  Pattie's passion and dedication is focused on sharing the many gifts of yoga and movement, and offering support and guidance in this lifelong journey of exploration and discovery of our inner space, the body, mind, and spirit.
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Peggy Stevens

Peggy Stevens, RiversZen Fitness, Stretching and Yoga
Peggy started out as a banker and tax accountant.  After years of 4 inch heels and long hours of sitting, she realized in her late 50s early 60s that her passion was helping people age gracefully.  The most glaring example for her was watching her mother age.  Looking at her photo gallery you will see the photographic evidence of the difficult aging process experienced by her mom.  At 40 and 70 they were still the same height.  By the time her mother moved in with Peggy and her family around the time she turned 90, her mother had shrunk to below Peggy's shoulder. 
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Praveena Chinthaluri

Yoga Tune Up®
Praveena is very passionate and an avid practitioner of pilates and yoga. She is a certified 500 hour Comprehensive Pilates Instructor with Balanced Body.  She is also a registered 200 hr yoga alliance teacher, a certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor and certified restorative yoga teacher.
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