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Robyn Capobianco

“Your practice is a way of renewing yourself every time you step on the mat. Tune in and rediscover who you are from the inside out. Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. I welcome you to share your practice in a nurturing environment with me and the student community.”

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Sandy Byrne

River Rock Yoga,  Sandy Byrne, Massage Therapist, YTU Teacher Trainer
Sandy is an Integrated YTU Teacher, E-RYT, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of River Rock Yoga and Wellness Center.  After 20+ years of coaching gymnastics, Yoga Tune Up® has been a welcome shift into a loving and non-judgmental view of her body, opening her up to a greater potential than thought possible and is committed to share this journey of awareness and self-discovery.   Sandy teaches YTU Self Care techniques to students at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, as well as leads Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Practitioner trainings and assists YTU Levels 1 and YTU An
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Sandy Fredenburgh Whitman

Sandy Fredenburgh, Integrated Yoga Tune Up Teacher
Sandy Fredenburgh Whitman is an Integrated Yoga Tune Up® and Alignment Yoga 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher located in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  Sandy discovered Yoga Tune Up® in 2013 and established classes at CrossFit locations, yoga studios, schools and corporate offices.
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Sandy Gross

Sandy Gross, yoga teacher, mobility coach, athletes, move well cleveland, pain relief, self care

"Sandy cannot be pigeonholed into any domain in the mind/body category. Her understanding of the human body and its dynamic versatility infuses all of her teachings with inspiring AHA moments that motivates lovers of fitness, yoga, therapy and beyond." - Jill Miller, Creator of Yoga Tune Up®, author of The Roll Model® Method

Sandy Gross, Performance Care Specialist, Yoga & Movement Educator

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Saori Soga

I wasn't always in the best shape before to becoming a Fitness Instructor. I spent over 16 years sitting in front of a computer working as a Graphic Designer/Art Director in the Music Industry, which eventually took a toll on my body due to the sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, poor food choices, overly stressed, unable to sleep and overworking. After hitting the bottom, I decided to switch careers with the realization of the importance of a balanced healthy lifestyle.

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Sarah Armstrong

Sarah spent her youth playing competitive soccer, gymnastics, downhill skiing, and joined all the high school sport teams available! Sports were always a part of her life. After growing up and graduating from McGill University, her focus changed from sports to fitness. Sarah has been a fitness enthusiast for over 15 years, exploring everything from Spinning®, TRX®, dance, boxing, bootcamps and yoga. In 2014 she finally made the decision to get her CanFitPro fitness certification and start sharing her passion with others!
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Sarah Atkinson

Sarah has been practicing steadily for 10 years and is a fantastic yoga teacher.  She enjoys the freedom of practicing on the beach, in a grassy field or in indoor studio space.  The daily practice of Asana and integration of meditation has profoundly changed her life.  Yoga has influenced her diet, lifestyle and career.  She has taken her Thai Yoga Massage training in Thailand at the Asokananda School and Toronto School Of Thai Massage.  The most recent training in April 2018 of Yoga Tune Up has reshaped the way she sees movement and how she teaches.

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