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Shelby Williams

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, First in Oklahoma - Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt, Founder and Co-Owner of Balanced Bodies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Shelby is passionate about helping athletes recover, showing busy bodies to slow down and make time for themselves, and teaching anatomy.

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Shelley Lambert

Shelley Lambert has made yoga part of her daily life for over twenty years.  She balances a busy career in software development with her love of growing food.  Shelley spends much of her spare time nurturing her food forest, growing mushrooms and building a natural garden. Yoga maintains a healthy mind, a connection to her inner self and the physical strength and adaptability to live well.  Shelley is a certified instructor for Hatha, Kundalini and Yoga Tune Up®, and teaches how to bring balance and awareness to our modern lifestyles.  
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Sonia Sirka

Sonia is a Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor and a Roll Model® Method Practitioner. It was her love of natural human movement, biomechanics and self-improvement that led her on this path. She has a strong desire to help people improve their quality of life by eliminating pain and living better in their bodies. Sonia and her Yoga Kids reside in Windsor, ON with their dog and cat.
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Sonya Perry

Yogini Sonya
As a Yoga Alliance Registered 500HR Teacher (RYT-500), I provide a safe place to work through the body to develop introspection and expression that inspires change and determination, both in the range of motion of the physical body and within the fluctuations of the mind. My personal practice integrates principles of several paths of yoga. Yoga is my way of life.

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Sophie C Davignon

Mon enseignement est riche d'expériences diverses. De l'entraînement en salle au yoga traditionnelle, aux cours d'anatomie et physiologie, du yoga thérapeutique, ou de l'auto-massage par balles, en passant par mon passé dans le monde du sauvetage et des premiers soins et de l'escalade et du mouvement. Je vise le bien-être des gens dans leur quotidien. Je vise l'éducation.
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Stacey Cabrera

I struggled as a teen with low self-esteem, anorexia and bulimia. When I first began practicing yoga, only the physical aspect attracted me.  I now embrace the spiritual journey as well. Yoga helped me realize that what I was looking for externally, was right in my heart and soul all along.  I hope my classes will challenge you to take yourself less seriously, to think, to grow, and to build physical strength and spiritual compassion.  I find inspiration everywhere: books, my teachers, and in other people’s stories.
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Stacey Rosenberg

Stacey is an educator who is committed to teaching students about their bodies while providing them with the foundation to live more vibrant lives.  She believes that the practice of the postures not only enables us to stay fit and increase health and well being, they also empower us - equipping us with the tools to engage in all aspects of our lives more skillfully.

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