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Todd Lavictoire

Todd has degrees in Philosophy, Sociology and Education and finds ways to blend that knowledge with his passion of anatomy and movement. His focus is teaching self-care and pain reduction with the hopes of redefining the aging process. Students refer to Todd as “raw, real and fun” and they are often amazed at how quickly their lives are impacted by his teaching. Todd turned to yoga as his main movement practice to help heal his own pain. And, although the practice helped get him to a certain point, the traditional practice needed to be tailored to the 21st Century body.
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Toni Dee

Toni Dee
For over 30 years, Toni Dee’s passion for fitness, her understanding of  human movement, knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, as well as her versatility have made her a highly sought-after and well-respected consultant in the Fitness Industry. 
She is well versed, compassionate , and loves working with the elderly and those with orthopedic issues. Keeping aging bodies active is a key to quality of life. 

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Veronica Beltran

Years of living an active lifestyle, running marathons and triathlons left me with debilitating physical breakdowns and an unrestful mind.  In my quest to repossess a healthier body and mind, embarked on a learning trail about Yoga and its holistic benefits.  I’ve hit the jackpot picking up a wealth of tools to help heal my blind spots along my training explorations.  One of my favorite healing mash ups is Yoga Tune Up, a program created by Jill Miller which incorporates Corrective Exercise, Self-Massage and Yoga to help eradicated pain, improve posture and enhance performance.&
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Wendi Jack

   As a licensed massage therapist (specializing in Thai massage and energy-body work) for the past 25 years and a registered yoga teacher ( Raja style) for the last 10 years, I am passionate about  health through alignment of mind body and spirit. I enjoy learning and sharing new techniques as well as the tried and true therapies with family, students and clients. I am especially thrilled to be a part of the Yoga Tune Up(R) team! This healing protocol has really rocked my world, I am grateful! I look forward to learning and sharing more on this amazing path. 
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YuMee Chung

YuMee is a former securities lawyer who left behind a busy practice to engage more deeply with life. YuMee teaches inspiring classes infused with a generous dose of yoga philosophy and the precision of Yoga Tune Up®
Read my articles on the Tune Up Fitness blog here.
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