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Baylea Micheli

Baylea is a student and teacher of mindful movement. Her teaching style nurturing yet playful. Her classes are inspired by her own self inquiry and fascination with the human body and it's resilient host, the individual. Teaching as a 200-hr RYT since 2009 and becoming a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant in 2014 has propelled her down a path of empowering individuals to restore the relationship with their bodies.
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bee pallomina

Bee has been teaching yoga in Toronto since 2006. She sees yoga as a practice that cultivates awareness, deep listening, clarity and connection. Bee is also a professional dance artist, working as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in Toronto and abroad. In addition to yoga she teaches alternative dance techniques and is certified to teach Open Source Forms.
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Ben Blazke

Ben was introduced to Yoga at an early age by his father. Inspired by his father’s daily practice, Ben has pursued an extensive study of martial arts for more than twenty years, learning from masters in Europe, America, Japan and China.

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Beth Damm

Beth Damm is a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. Beth completed the Kripalu Yoga training in St.
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Brendan Jensen

  Brendan spends the majority of his time teaching in Downtown Toronto.  He has also co-led international retreats that offer intensive explorations in the practice of togetherness; operating from the belief that people thrive in community, where the individual can find personal definition in the transformative force of fellowship.

 Brendan is eager to learn and grow with anyone willing to enter the studio and share their practice. He offers an open mind and heart with a healthy dose of realism; exemplified in one of his late mothers favourite quotes:

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Bridget Joynt

Palm Therapy
Hello! My name is Bridget Joynt. I am a Registered Massage Therapist, as well as a Practitioner of both The Roll Model® Method and Yoga Tune Up®. I've always been naturally curious about the body and how our busy lives impact it on a daily basis. Through my own wellness journey I've come to a belief that our physical and mental health are greatly determined by the decisions we make and the ones we don't, every day. What I love about my teachings in massage therapy and Tune Up Fitness® is the balance of healing both body and mind, through prevention, maintenance and recovery.
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Brittany Brie D'Amico

Brittany Brie’s experience, passion for movement and love for helping others have all driven her to develop classes that inspire, challenge and motivate. As a graduate of York University’s Dance program, Brittany Brie learned the significance of caring for her body.  As a professional dancer, she quickly realized the demands that her craft required not only on her body, but on her mind too. Teaching the why behind movement became very important to her.

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Caitlin Melone

I am a registered yoga teacher at the 500 hour level and a Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® Instructor. Through my yoga practice I have discovered a greater body and breath awareness, leading to a calmer mind and happier being. My classes are light-hearted and accessible. I encourage students to meet themselves where they are and to enjoy the journey.
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Candice Brown

As a Certified Exercise Physiologist with CSEP, I have over 15 years of experience in health and fitness program development, implementation, and evaluation in both team and leadership roles.  In this time, I have enjoyed delivering health and wellness workshops, conducting health measures, doing research, bringing vitality and health back to injured clients, promoting physical activity, and living as an example of my passion for health.
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