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Elissa Strutton

Elissa Dawn Strutton, E-RYT, RYT 500 is a certified Integrated Yoga Tune Up ® teacher.  Committed to her craft, dedicated to continued learning, humbled by the vastness of what is yet to be discovered, and passionate about yoga and movement, Elissa wants to help you move and live with grace, ease, integrity and purpose.
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Elizabeth Wipff

Elizabeth is a committed movement and mobility specialist, CrossFit coach and Yoga Tune Up® teacher with an insatiable eagerness to help people streamline movement,  improve performance, and eliminate pain   

Her athletic endeavors started early: she walked at 7 months, was roller skating at 3 and did her first yoga pose at 4! As a kid she played soccer and studied dance, Iyengar yoga, and therapeutic movement modalities

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Elodie Barbut

i am glad you are on a wellness journey!
i am a trained health care provider and have worked in it (different job and responsabilities) since 2005.
i became a YTU integrated teacher in 2016,after practicing weekly with some great teachers in Canada.
After 11 yrs abroad, i am back in France, as an certified independant sport educator and personal trainer, ready to show, In France, what YTU has good to offer for your wellness and performances!

je suis heureuse de vous croisez dans votre chemin bien être!
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Emilie Goldstein Mikulla

Emilie Goldstein
Having contracted a major case of wanderlust, Emilie has traveled the world, working as journalist, and now lives Dubai. After a second surgery on her spine, Emilie followed a lengthy Pilates rehabilitation program and, amazed by the results in her own body, became a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor in 2008.
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Erika Belanger

Erika found yoga in a quest for happiness, self-love and purpose. She is now determined to help other live more comfortably in their bodies and their minds. Stress reduction, love and health are the base of her teachings. She is a RYT-500 and Yoga Tune Up​® Level 1 certified teacher. Originally From Montreal, Canada, she now lives in Northern California where she teaches full time in San Fransisco and in Marin County. 
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Erin Hoien

As a long time athlete and personal trainer, Erin dabbled in yoga off and on (mostly off) for many years before becoming a consistent practitioner in 2008.  After finding relief both physically and emotionally, Erin wanted to share yoga with others.  In 2013, Erin completed her RYT 200 and immediately began teaching. Her curiosity fell more to the anatomical side of yoga, which led her to Yoga Tune Up®.  The discovery of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls changed her life and left her practically free from painful past injuries.
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Esther Bouchard

Je suis professeur  de Yoga Tune Up, Hatha et Yoga oui aînés. Je suis aussi entraîneur certifié de compétition en équitation classique. Je pratique l'équitation depuis plus de 55 ans et j'ai découvert le Yoga il y a environ 10 ans. Le Yoga Tune Up a changé ma vie, J'avais de grosses douleurs au dos suite à un accident avec un étalon qui m'a chargé et piétiner.
En alliant mes deux passions, je veux aider les cavaliers à mieux respirer pour avoir un meilleur ressenti avec leur cheval.

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Ethan Hammond

Ethan Hammond has been working with athletes since 2009, first as an assistant to Athletic Trainers and sports coaches. After spending some time in the Athletic Training program at the University of Alabama, he began to notice that athletes of all levels were experiencing massive amounts of injuries…which were completely preventable. Sometimes the athletes were in pain because they were sick. Other times, they were in a horrible accident during training where some external force caused their body to break or tear. That definitely happened; about 2% of the time.

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