Roll Model Mama Online Course with Jill Miller

Jill Miller uses first-hand knowledge of pregnancy and anatomy to guide you through more than 3 hours of restorative self-massage segments designed to address many of the physical challenges brought on by pregnancy. This online pregnancy self-care video program is designed to be practiced at your speed and comfort level with options and variations based on where you are in your pregnancy.

Course Overview:

This step-by-step instructional video program and set of self-massage therapy balls assists your body’s transition into parenthood by helping it through its changing shape and size, the physical challenge of giving birth, adjusting to lifting and carrying your baby, and all the rest that comes with being the ultimate caregiver.

Roll Model® Mama teaches you to properly and safely use self-massage Therapy Balls during this time of change and stress to target areas of discomfort, stiffness or limited mobility. 

*Products Used in this Course (not included in registration):  Roll Model Starter Kit
(YTU Therapy Ball, Therapy Ball PLUS, ALPHA Ball, Coregeous Ball)

Course Outline

Getting Started
Roll Model Mama eBook
Roll Model Mama Program Overview
Understanding Body Basics
Anatomy Locator
Posture Primer
The Power of Breath
Diaphragm Vacuum & the Three Zones of Respiration
Breath Set - Expanding Breath Capacity
The Lower Body
Sequence 1: Feet, Ankles & Calves
Sequence 2: Quads & Thighs
Sequence 3: Hips & Buttocks
The Birthing Center
Sequence 4: The Pelvic Floor
Sequence 5: Core & Lower Back
The Upper Body
Sequence 6: Upper Back & Ribs
Sequence 7: Shoulders
Sequence 8: Neck
Sense Rich Zones
Sequence 9: Face & Head
Sequence 10: Forearms, Hands & Wrists
Bonus Segments
Dynamic Turbines
Leg Stretch #3
Psoas Stretch
Nauli Kriya