Alexandre Salomons

Calgary, AB, Canada
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Have been a life time athlete and I am now a natural bodybuilder with experience in strength and conditioning.  I began to run into many problems with my body as the long term negative long term effects of poor form began to take over my life.  That's when I found YTU and started to learn about movement, and I saw such a massive change in my quality of life, it became my mission to help others realize that they too can live better.  I teach YTU beginner classes, YTU advanced classes and I also do what I have coined a "YTU Meathead Mobility" class which is a class designed to deal with increasing mobility in areas that will benefit weightlifters, power lifters, bodybuilders and crossfitters.  

Currently also marketing sport specific YTU Classes on request.
Core Tune-Up Class #1 at Gagne Fitness