Alisa Fairbanks

Portland, OR, United States
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Breath and Bliss Immersion
Alisa was born and raised in Northeast Michigan, and relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2008. Growing up, dance was her primary movement discipline, but today, it's strength & conditioning, yoga, and other bodyweight modalities. She is a huge proponent of living, moving and eating well, and strives to continuously learn and be better in her own body, mind, and life. Yoga Tune Up® plays a part in that and was discovered at a time when Alisa started noticing changes in her body after years of vigorous yoga practice. Further interest in Yoga Tune Up® led her to become a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher. She currently works as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in NW Portland,  and regularly incorporates Yoga Tune Up® into her client sessions.