Christine Lamborn

CONCORD, CA, United States
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
I believe in the power of practice.  I believe in the limitless potential of the individual.  I believe that yoga is many things and at least one of those things is for you.   For me, yoga means sanity.  It is my grounding force.  The practice centers me: mind, body and soul. It’s the consistent practice of quieting the noise; that which exists both within and all around us.  It’s the practice of uncovering life’s gifts when we stop trying to be what we are not and learn to see what is. Learning to navigate our bodies with care and compassion provides a roadmap for our relationship with this world.  It is a powerful tool for greater understanding which transcends far beyond the mat.  Although I teach a variety of styles, power vinyasa flow is my heart,  Aerial is my happiness, yin is my dessert and Yoga Tune Up® are my vitamins.  YTU® has brought balance to body, and supports everthing I do.  I’m obsessed with sequence and transitions and can’t help seeing all movement initiating from the core.  My goal in every class is to get people to let go of expectations and learn how to move with presence in their bodies, taking it all in one breath at a time. Show up, do the work, spread the joy.
CJ Lamborn