Eva Martens - Restorative Mobility

Hamilton, ON, Canada
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training

Since starting in the fitness business in 2006,  I have developed a passion for understanding human movement and I've had the opportunity to see people at all points along their journey to health and wellness.  I see how critical movement and mobility are in maintaining a high quality of life.  I share my growing knowledge in movement and wellness to you on your own personal fitness journey.
My own fitness journey has been varied and starting from 7 years of doing the  #martialart of #taekwondo, then doing the standard gym #cardio thing, moving onto #Crossfit and finally finding my passion in #Olympic #Weightlifting.  Throughout I always wanted to find tools and methods for better performance and so mobility has always been a part of my fitness.  And yes - I met and was trained by the #mobilityleopard himself #KellyStarrett   His connection with Jill Miller introduced me to the Yoga practice of Yoga Tune Up® which I loved and became certified to teach.