holly egan

Calgary, AB, Canada
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
The Roll Model® Method Training
Many have called me a natural healer following the lineage  of my Great Grandmother.  My interest in Yoga Tune Up started as a cost effective alternate  to the $10,000 I was spending on health practitioners to help me deal with my pain and migraines.  Being able to manage my physical limitations without drugs or frequent appointments to Physio, message, chiropractic, message and acupuncture gave me my active life back. It is amazingly freeing to have control of what I do and when I can fo it.  

Now being a teacher and pactitioner, my personal experiences have led me to a compassionate perspective  for my self and others. Embracing a balance for all aspects of health,  physically, mentally and spiritual wellbeing brings life into alignment. As mentor and a teacher in other capacities over my life, being able to share the wealth of knowledge that Jill Miller has established in her own brand of self care is an honour and a privelage. What an amazing journery to be part of and to be welcomed into this community of talented and exceptional people!

I look forward to serving the local Calgary Community and making instruction accessible to many.  My goal is to provide a fresh perspective on selfcare and demonsttrate how simple  awareness of body mechanics can improve movement manage stress, and relieve pain.  It was absolutely astounding to witness first hand after just 1 week immersed into the aYTU program,  how my mobility increased while equally reducing my need for pain medication.  Even better is the ease of access to care for myself, my time and my pocket book while removing health obstacles. Today, I live pain free most days - what a gift.
I pray that everyone can enjoy God’s blessings