Owen Grady

Redwood City, CA, United States
YTU Training Type: 
Core Integration Immersion
Shoulders Immersion
Hips Immersion
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Breath and Bliss Immersion

Owen has been passionate about moving his body through space and time his whole life and began his movement career as a National-level competitive cyclist and Nordic skier.  His interest in Yoga began 15 years ago with the study of Iyengar Yoga at Piedmont Yoga Studio in Oakland and has led him to a full-time career as a Pilates and Yoga instructor in the Bay Area since 2002.

Once he discovered yoga, Owen realized the benefit of balancing his yoga practice with his passion for cycling, nordic skiing and other outdoor pursuits.   In 2002, Owen added Pilates to his movement repertoire and has studied and worked closely under the mentorship of  Nationally recognized Pilates Master teacher Tom McCook, founder and director of Center of Balance in Mt.View.  Owen credits Tom's mentorship & coaching in his development and success in teaching movement full time.  He continues to develop and refine his personal Yoga and Pilates practice to gain optimal integration for himself as well as his students.

Owen's experience teaching yoga is founded on a combination of his personal practice of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga and in more recent years influenced by the Core Immersed style of Jill Miller.  He feels that Yoga Tune Up is a logical addition to what he can offer his students as a teacher and himself as a life long student and believes that Jill's expert teaching and bodywork experience perfectly complements the areas he would like to continue to develop as a teacher himself.

In addition, Owen is certified as a Physical Mind Institute Pilates Apparatus, Mat and Standing Pilates instructor. Most recently, Owen completed the Franklin Method Certification in  2005 - 2007  with Eric Franklin, founder of the Franklin Method, combining vivid imagery and experiential anatomy to help people navigate their bodies with greater ease and facility. And, he is also certified by Pino Carbone of Body Code Systems in Bodykey instruction. Body Code system is a patented series of exercises performed on unique equipment, the Bodykey, which enable one to improve their physical condition by strengthening and stretching in a three dimensional spherical way.