Ron Habla

Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Breath and Bliss Immersion
Ron is a dedicated student engaged in a multitude of modalities that promote healthy movement and a better overall well-being. He is currently deep in his studies of yoga and many of its facets by way of these two teaching methodologies: Yoga Tune Up® and SmartFLOW Yoga. He is also in a continuing exploration and application of mobility training through Functional Range Systems (FRS) and is certified as a Kinstretch instructor. He is also both certified as a personal trainer (NASM CPT) and as a functional strength coach (MBSC CFSC). As an educator, he teaches in the same manner he prefers to practice and play: smart and simple, keeping things efficient and effective. In his spare time, he is also a practitioner of neurology-based therapies, in particular Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) and NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT).

He is a co-founder of Thrive Co Lab ( and regularly holds Yoga Tune Up® classes there. And you can also visit his social media page, @ronhablayoga, to get more information.