Stacey Cabrera

Waterdown, ON, Canada
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
I struggled as a teen with low self-esteem, anorexia and bulimia. When I first began practicing yoga, only the physical aspect attracted me.  I now embrace the spiritual journey as well. Yoga helped me realize that what I was looking for externally, was right in my heart and soul all along.  I hope my classes will challenge you to take yourself less seriously, to think, to grow, and to build physical strength and spiritual compassion.  I find inspiration everywhere: books, my teachers, and in other people’s stories. Yoga has helped me to become a more honest, loving and authentic person.  Through my journey, I have learned to love all parts of myself, seeing myself as “perfectly imperfect”. I fell in love with Yoga and Barre because I love to be challenged.  Only after sustaining a back and neck injury, did I begin to truly understand the power of Yoga. I quickly realized that my true calling was to share what I had learned. After completing 1560YTT hours, including Yoga Medicine Training on the spine, sh oulder and hip. Last year I began wotking with myofascial release and it has changd my life in relation to how much I was personally suffering. That is when I started researching Yoga Tune Up. I began taking classes, then using the yoga tune up balls with my clients and I noticed how much they helped many different types of chronic pain and disease. So, this year I signed up for the training so that I would know as much as I could when working with my clients and on my own body. I am looking foward to The Ball Method Science of rolling and The Ball Sequencing and Innovation trainings in October to learn even more!! I am hooked!!I hope to inspire and help others live free from pain.