Stephanie Aldrich

ELLICOTT CITY, MD, United States
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training

Hi, I'm Stephanie Aldrich, and I love watching students learn to use breath and movement as a way to find a space of quiet within. When I started practicing yoga I looked for the hardest class I could find, thinking only of the "workout" my body would get. But here’s what I found: I felt calmer and more more settled after class than before.  It took me a long time to discover that it was yoga's unique combination of breath and movement that created that state of calm. When I studied to become a yoga teacher, I began to see how yoga offers us a spiritual path as well as a physical one, one we can use to make real changes in our lives.  As I've continued to study, I've developed a passion for understanding the body and the most optimal ways to move and align in the yoga practice to improve our ability to engage in activities we enjoy, like dancing or playing tennis, as well as activities we need in daily life, like getting up from a chair or turning around the car to hand your child a snack.  My goal is challenge you physically and mentally, and have you leave feeling better than when you arrived. It is so satisfying and meaningful to me to have students say that they feel better after class, or that they learned something new, or that something I said made them think.