Tanell Pretorius

fairfield, IA, United States
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Shoulders Immersion
Breath and Bliss Immersion
Hips Immersion
Tanell Pretorius spent most of her childhood on a game reserve in South Africa. Growing up, she and her dad would go to the gym together, and although she was tall and skinny, Tanell had big dreams of becoming a body builder. At 19, she began a modeling career where she experimented with many different workout and health regimens. It was not until she suffered a serious knee injury that she became fully engulfed in the field of fitness and health. Today, Tanell teaches both CrossFit and Yoga Tune Up®. She is also a personal trainer with a large roster of clients in Iowa. She believes that when you are happy and fulfilled, it’s easy to uplift everyone around you. Tanell feels most fulfilled when she is working on her goals and making time to take care of herself.  

Tanell is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant. Through this system, she is able to help her clients understand their bodies, be more connected to their own particular needs, and develop a lifestyle unique to them. She believes in living an active life and takes her dog, Hercules (a 100 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback!) for walks in the countryside as often as possible. She also enjoys swimming, riding her bike, and daily meditation. Tanell is a health journalist with a column in a regional publication, and spends her free time taking part in courses and certifications to deepen her knowledge in the health and fitness world. 
Tanell Pretorius