Wendy Hensley

Roll Model Method Practitioner
Astoria, OR, United States
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Breath and Bliss Immersion
Hips Immersion
I became certified as an aerobics instructor around 1995. The main reason being I would pay for a series of classes, go three times and never return. So now as the teacher I had to show up and I showed several times a week for about five years. I’ve taught step aerobics, senior aerobics, chair aerobics and walking fitness with stretch. Skip ahead until 2014. I signed up for yoga classes by recommendation of my Doctor to help my back stay in adjustment by strengthen my core. I had been a school bus driver and the hours sitting in sometimes ill fitted seats affected the muscles all along the left side of my back, shoulder and hip. I was always in pain and by back wouldn’t stay adjusted because of the muscle imbalances I developed. Yoga worked, doctor visit’s decreased, and is a rare occasion anymore indeed. I’ve been teaching yoga for over two years now, become a Ki Hara resistance stretch personal trainer, a Yoga Tune UP® Teacher, taken The Roll Model® Method-Science of Rolling, Yoga Tune Up® Ball Sequencing and Innovation and and certified Roll Model® Practitioner. I’ve also taken Core Integration, Shoulder Shape up “a down dog makeover,” completed the Fascia: Function, Physiology and Application online course and attended the 2017 YTU Leadership Training Summit, all this in 2017. What a whirl wind it’s been! I’ve learned so much and it’s been a huge challenge and a thrill at the same time. It’s very rewarding to help other people learn to take care of their own bodies, educating them on how to use the therapy balls to reach into their body blind spots and bring release, restoration and become healthier, happier people in charge of their own wellness. My Sankalpa; I love to learn about my body.
Yoga, Ki Hara Personal Trainer, Fitness, Therapy