Cari Devine Bjelajac

Cari Devine Bjelajac

Yoga Tune Up® Teacher


Location: Venice, CA, US

A Little About Me

Cari has spent her entire  life in motion! Her lifelong passion to study human movement, performance and the influence the CNS (Central Nervous System) has on human adaptation have empowered her to evolve as an instructor and personal trainer. A career spanning thirty five years, Cari participated in the birth of the fitness movement of the 1980's. From studying Kinesiology while teaching classes at Jane Fonda's Workout to today, her passion for teaching students to embrace daily movement AND their bodies has set her apart. Although not a "yogi" herself,  the intelligent approach of Jill Miller and Yoga Tune Up® aligned with Cari's quest to expand her understanding and led her to study with a variety of principle-based movement leaders. 
Applying the principles of alignment as they impact the ability to produce power, bringing value to self-awarenes , proprioception, interoception, self-care, and recovery, has drawn cyclists, runners, swimmers, rowers, and other athletes to discover their maximum potential. Teaching non-athletes find their blind spots through the brilliance of YTU® Embodied Anatomy has enabled students to change habitual postures and reduce pain, improve health, and live more happily in their own skin. 
Additionally, Cari has studied extensively with:
Katy Bowman and The Restorative Exercise Institute and holds Restorative Exercise Specialist Personal Trainer Certification
Dr. Andreo Spina and holds FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning Certification), Kinstretch® Instructor Certification, FRA (Functional Range Assessment Certification).
Cari is also an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

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