Sarah Pomaro

Sarah Pomaro

Yoga Tune Up® Teacher
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Location: Geneva, IL, US

A Little About Me

~~Sarah Pomaro found yoga just in time to save herself from her too-busy schedule: working full-time, going to school for her MBA, and trying to keep up a home, she barely found time to take care of herself. Yoga helped her quiet the nonstop chatter that ran through her head, and ultimately led her to a new life path.

 Sarah honors that each person comes to yoga for a different reason. When she took her first yoga class 16 years ago (after much encouragement from her sister, who also teaches yoga), Sarah had no idea where it would lead her. The destination turned out to be a place on the mat that gave her time just for herself, time to nourish her adventurous spirit, and time to explore her strong body through pranayama and a hot, sweaty practice. Sarah is grateful for the lessons learned from Forrest Yoga: Strength, softness, and openness can live in harmony.

 Sarah was inspired by her first yoga teacher to question why she was professionally stuck, running short on time, and energetically zapped. The answers Sarah found in her practice led her to embark on a new chapter of her life: She quit her corporate job to focus on her master’s degree, and in 2005 she attended a 200-hour teacher-training course with master yogini Ana Forrest, who inspired her to go deeper still into her practice. Since then, Sarah has completed a year-long Forrest Yoga Mentorship (2014) for continuing education, became a Certified Yoga Tune Up and Roll Model Method Instructor (2015). Sarah now hopes to help inspire others to make time for themselves, to take care of themselves, and to go deeper in their own practice. She is honored to support those who are learning to breathe, grow, and change.

 Sarah grew up in the Chicagoland area, then ventured out to explore the Northwest in the early '90s. Love brought her back to her roots: She now lives in the far western suburbs with her dear husband and their young sons. In addition to teaching yoga classes, Sarah also supports clients through wellness programs which help people get focused, feel better and find balance. Feel free to contact her at sarahpomaro@ for more information or check out her website

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