In part one of this blog, you will find some information on the nuts and bolts of your feet.  Today, you get to learn how to massage your feet every day with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls.  See the video below.  You knead to do this.   Your whole body will thank you.  And next time you stand in tadansana with your awesome, parallel feet, say to yourself or maybe out loud and proud TADA-sana.  You and your feet deserve a TADA!

This video is a guideline to rolling five areas of the foot and you have permission to add and/or delete certain sequences.  You have permission to spend more time or less time.  You are in charge.  Once you start taking care of your feet, you will notice an overall sense of relief.  Your whole body will be more relaxed.  Pay particular attention to your calves and hamstrings before and after you roll.  I like to take a forward fold or uttanasana before and after I roll to compare.  (A half forward fold is also great.) Sometimes I even forward fold before I roll the other foot so I can see the difference between legs.  Tight calves and hamstrings play a role in lower back pain.  Take care of your feet and you will start on the path of taking care of your whole body, from the ground up.

And now:  Tricks & Treats For Your “Feets.”


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Terry Littlefield

Terry Littlefield, RYT-500, Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher, and long-time practitioner, is a passionate educator with a big sense of humor and an even bigger heart. Her classes are a blend of science and spirit, breath work and ball work (Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, of course), movement and meditation. If you want to have fun and experience safe, functional movement within your yoga practice, she’s your yogi.

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I like the reference to reflexology: when we roll our feet we actually affect the whole body. So true. I have been feeling sharp little pains on the bottom of my feet just in front of my heels (I’m a dog walker during the day & have been for years & this is a new pain which I’m working through). I have been using my foot to move the skin around on top of the other foot & provide shear like you do for the past year but in the shower where I have slippery feet, as right now with… Read more »


Began rolling (and strengthening) my feet just under a year ago and have nothing but praise for my Yoga Tune Up therapy balls. My tight and chronically sore feet feel so good these days that I no longer have to use my orthotics. Such a relief!


Traditional yogis believe that if you keep your feet and spine flexible, you will have a long and healthy life. Therefore, I am always looking for new ways to work the feet with my students. Thanks!


Wow thanks for this inspiration. I used it often with student to asses the sensation under their feet, make them conscious about their feet, but it was often before a Tadasana I will try it in Uttanasana. Thanks!


I will try this a couple times a week thank you.


I have the same observation with my clients. If we work the feet before the yoga praxis, the hamstrings are more elastic, the lower back as well. It is good to know that feet are brace just like neck and shoulders. So, thank you for that report.

Amie Alapeteri

Thanks for this blog. I especially enjoyed the last technique. Compression of the top of the foot using your opposite foot! My calves and quads are very tight, and I noticed upon rolling the balls with this routine, I had sensation up through the inside of the knee. I definitely need to pay more attention to my feet!


Like reflexology, it has effect to massage soles, diet and swelling of foot. I am used to use this bamboo thing,comment image. It’s just stepping on the bamboo. However, you can control weight how much put on your sole and place where you want the ball to massage if you use these therapy balls. One thing I really like this is that the ball is rolling evenly on my foot!


I have been massaging my feet with tune-up balls, rollers, golf balls and anything else I can get my hands on (now I don’t do this every day but I do hand massage my feet a couple times a week) and I am still finding that my feet are “tired/sore”. I have had bunion surgery and had to learn to walk again and pick things up with my feet. I have also twisted both ankles and had a massage therapist work through the scar tissue on those but I am still feeling very restrictive in my ankles (I have been… Read more »

Lulu Goodman

Great article. It is amazing to understand the fascial relationship between our feet and our legs. The difference in hamstrings is remarkable and the bonus is the awakened sense at the bottoms of our feet. Love love love the final shearing you demonstrate at the transverse arch. Thanks!

Paddle Healthy | Three Ways To Save Your Feet | SUP Magazine

[…] thousands of steps and strokes a day. At least every couple of days, take a lacrosse or tennis ball and roll it all over the underside of each foot for two minutes. You’ll free up your soft tissues and undo all that damage you’ve spent so much […]

Serge Goyette

Wow this is amazing, To massage and get rid of that plantar fasciitis heel pain that I have been suffering from. This is definitely worth trying. It might save you a lot of pain and grief. It might spare you the fruitless search for heel cushions, padded shoes, foot splints, custom insoles, etc.. You will Need: tune up therapy balls If it hurts directly on your heel, it could be one of two trigger points, or both of them. If it hurts on the inside of your heel it could be a different set of trigger points. Let’s cover the… Read more »


Thank you Terry,
I’ve been rolling my feet with the Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls buy this sheering of the opposite foot on the top of the foot being rolled out is quite wonderful. Full of sensation. I am excited to share this information.

Murielle Corwin

Thank you clear instructions and good info on bony landmarks. You also gave some benifits in terms of preventing or healing certain conditions which I found very useful, thanks

Cathy Mook

I especially liked the part where one foot is on top of the other and I didn’t realize how tight my feet and ankles were. The idea that your feet health is connected to the whole body.


Thanks for posting your helpful video. I have found that the results of foot massage (treats for your feets!) not only feels marvelously energizing, but the massage has been extremely useful for my students with balance concerns: they all report feeling steadier when their feet and ankles become more supple.

Julie Thomas

Hello Terry, This video is a great addition to my daily routine. Ian currently attending level1 teacher training with Jill and we had a hip immersion master class yesterday. Well, I was a bit confuse when we started the whole thing stretching our feet and doing ankle olympic gymnastic tricks until at the end of the sequence everything unraveled into a deep relaxed lower back pelvic area. I will try the uttanasana as a checking point next time I do the sequence. Ours was the sitting “seza” with ankle strap. Not the most easy assessment. Your ball sequence would definately… Read more »

Ann Knighton

Thank you for sharing the video. I love the routine. I work on my feet quit a bit but this routine gave me different feedback!


Aaaah, awesome treats! I’ve rolled my feet before, but the move where you press down on the top of the standing foot with the other foot was new to me. Thanks for a descriptive and effective sequence!

Michelle Rakoczy

Wow! Thank you! I have had such terrible foot pain. I moved from FL to NYC about two years ago and the amount I walk in comparison to what I use to is ridiculous. I am in constant search of the perfect shoes that don’t kill my feet but no matter what they are so sore and tired. My calves are tight as well but the therapy balls really help. I will continue to work on it because they are sensitive! Thank you again!


Yummmmmm. I love the two-foot trick at the end. My reflexologist will be very sad that I’ve replaced him with rubber balls, but oh I’ve got happy feet 🙂

Elaine Cheong

Hi Terry, thanks for the foot video. I am a little obsessed with feet work myself since I am a flight attendant/yoga instructor that does long haul flights. It took a lot of courage for me to teach footwork since feet are covered up in our society, and are not known to be glamorous. If anything, hands are the ones that get more attention. There are as many bones in our feet as our hands, yet our direction of movement in our feet are often not utilized and neglected. I often use the analogy of make up for women when… Read more »

Wei Yao

I love this video!because after i tried this exercise, my feet able to feel grounding very well !

Elizabeth Murray

WOW!!! Love love this video. I just started using the balls diligently after my first class of yoga tune up. I used to run a lot and the last thing I paid attention as runner were my feet and toes. After, using the balls for fews weeks now, I noticed the soul of my feet and toes are a lot more active while practicing yoga poses. I love running but I also noticed my feet aren’ the same after running so many miles. I am glad i was introduced to yoga tune up and self correct the spaces in between… Read more »

Marsha Marsha Marsha L.

I love this! My nemesis are my calves. I am prone to getting charley horses, and I specifically massage out my calves with the Yoga Tune Up® massage therapy balls, but as I roll more and more, I am finding that my feet play an important part in those charley horses! When I think about it, some of the times that I get charley horses are when I’m barely waking up from sleep, and curl my toes to stretch out. I get a trigger and oh it fires up that rock in my gastrocnemius! Straight from my toes!! So, I… Read more »